Algae Farm

Algae Farm

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25 abr. 2020

A pioneer in the disruptive indoor cultivation of high yield algae oil, residual biomass and algal biomass
22 abr. 2020
20 may. 2020
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Public sale date beginning - April 22, 2020
Public sale date ending – May 20, 2020
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Acerca de Algae Farm

Algae Farm® disruptive intellectual property and technology includes systems and processes that continuously produce high yield, reliable, predictable, scalable and sustainable algae biomass in an indoor climate-controlled environment. The biomass has “algae” oil intact. This oil contains chemicals such as EPA, DHA, and others that can be used as a contributory part of high-value algae-derived products such as Omega3 based nutraceuticals.
Our mission is to be a reliable supply source to their end-user, the manufacturer, of these products and in some cases services.
The purpose of this project is to commercialize the related Algae Farm® intellectual property and technology.


• This IEO is backed with Algae Farm® disruptive intellectual property and technology assets that have been valued at US $52.1M in 2018 by an independent third party
• Richard M. Berman, founder, principal and President, has contributed more than US $1.7M to the enterprise since 2009
• Algae biomass and oil are consumed daily and globally in all food forms; fish, meat, milk, chicken, anti-oxidants, nutritional supplements (Omega3). You consumed a form of algae today, didn’t you?
• Global algae contributory market stood at US $ 9.9 billion in 2018. Projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 7% during 2019 – 2024 to reach US $ 14.99 billion by 2024

Información técnica

SERIAL NUMBER - 77732807

The trademark represents the word mark, Algae Farm®, its logo, and an extensive list of goods and services that it may represent. Historically, the original registration filing application was submitted May 8, 2009. Its first use in commerce occurred July 22, 2011 followed quickly by the registration approval on October 11 that same year. This is a significant achievement. Algae Farm® is the first trademark documented by the USPTO covering this technology.

The logo combines the two words to make only one word, "AlgaeFarm", with "Algae" in green and "Farm" in blue. A diamond is placed above the word and is divided by a curved band, part of which is in green and the other part in blue, all with black shadows. In addition, the trademark includes a list of goods and services representing six US Classes (001, 005, 006, 010, 026, 046) and one International Class (001 - Primary Class). In short, the list includes usage diversification for: Chemical usage in industry and science, including the biochemical and chemical industries, the fields of oil exploration and production, and fuel/storage tank additives. Emollient usage as an ingredient in manufacturing cosmetics, toiletries, and pharmaceuticals. Functionalized silicones for use in the manufacture of personal care and cosmetic compositions. Perfluorinated chemical compounds prepared synthetically for use in the manufacture of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Non-chemical bio-fertilizers.

Algae Farm Roadmap

  • 2009 - 2021

  • 2009-2010 Proof of Concept – Pilot toScale - Production validation completed

    • 2011 Algae Farm trademark is registered, Algae Farm International,Ltd. organized in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

    • 2012 Device and Method for Algae Production is published in United States

    • 2013 Algapond

    • 2014 AlgOil

    • 2015 Biogae

    • 2016 Mobility on site non-invasive solution for wastewater treatment and reuse

    • 2017 Texas Railroad Commission grants permission to proceed to treat produced water and flowback fluids onlease using Algae Farm mobile treatment units without a permit based on existing State of Texas (USA) statutes

    • 2018 Independent third party valuation US $52.1M

    2019 Options for commercialization financing alternatives evaluated

    • 2020 Initial Exchange Offering on LAToken platform to be launched on April 22, 2020

    • IEO website launch

    • Marketing campaign

    • IEO platform launch

    • IEO listing on LAToken

    • Token distribution

    • 2020 - 2021 Commercialization of intellectual property & technology

Algae Farm Equipo

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Richard Berman
Founder / CEO
Matthew Saint
Director of Operations & Business Development
Joy Willard
Director of Marketing


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Michael Douglas
Chris Hymel
Daniel Kainer
John Colvin

Algae Farm Entrevistas

Richard Berman
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the Founder,President and First Inventor of Algae Farm International, Ltd. and its IP/technology.
What do you think about idea?
Proof of concept pilot to scale was successfully completed in 2010. It is now commercialization time.
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