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Get ready to Trade, Earn, and Win crypto on our decentralized platform Zono Swap.
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About Zonoswap

ZONOSWAP : A decentralized exchange built on the Binance Smart Chain with swapping, staking + farming features, and partnerships with promising crypto projetcs. NFT marketplace coming soon! Zonoswap is a Decentralized exchange There are two kinds of exchanges — Centralized and Decentralized. A centralized exchange is managed by a regulatory body whereas a decentralized exchange is managed by a Smart Contract that runs on computer codes. Built on Binance Smart Chain Binance Smart Chain, that recently branded to BNB Chain is the blockchain system on which Zonoswap is built. Swap feature Zonoswap enables swapping of your Zono coins i.e you can buy or exchange cryptocurrency with cryptocurrency. Zonoswap currently favours 3 pairs of Cryptocurrency — ZONO-BNB, BNB-BUSD, ZONO-BUSD for trading. Stake feature   Staking is simply holding your Zono tokens with Zonoswap and earning rewards on your tokens. Our rewards APR or Annual Percentage Rate started at an all time high of 200+% and has been consistent at above 30% (at the time of writing this article). Farm feature Farming in cryptotrading is when you hold your crypto tokens in an exchange to reap rewards. At Zonoswap, we provide LP farming i.e you can provide equivalent number of ZONO-BNB or ZONO-BUSD tokens to reap rewards. The current reward APR is more than 2000%. The pairs available for LP farming at Zonoswap are — ZONO-BNB, ZONO-BUSD and BNB-BUSD. NEW PARTNER POOLS ARE BEING ADDED FREQUENTLY. WATCH OUT THE ZONO POOLS PAGE AND ZONOSWAP SOCIAL CHANNELS ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR THE SAME. Why Zonoswap? If you have some idea about swaps, and how they work, and have used swap platforms like Uniswap and Pancakeswap, you might ask this question — Why should I use Zonoswap? Well, here’s why -
  •   Zonoswap has low transaction fee since it is built on Binance Smart Chain - a blockchain with much lower transaction costs than Ethereum or Bitcoin.
  •   DAO DeX reduces price manipulation while you maintain a complete control of your assets.
  •   Fast and quick transactions.
  •   Above 30% APR for staking Zono tokens.
  •   LP token farming has an average of more than 1000% APR.
  •   Easy to use UI.
  •   Video tutorials on staking and farming available.
  •   A very active Telegram group that responds quickly.

Zonoswap Last News

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