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Zeta is the premier under-collateralized DeFi futures & options platform built on solana
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About Zeta

DeFi derivatives built better

The world's first options and futures DEX

Our Mission

Providing DeFi derivatives to enable anyone to hedge, speculate, and take opinions on a limitless variety of market movements.

Best in Class Margining Robust margin and collateral system that provides users access to leveraged trading whilst also effectively managing collateral and risk.  


We’ve teamed up with leading funds, trading firms and projects to build out the Zetaverse.


Zeta Roadmap

  • Q4 2021

  • Mainnet
    Prepare Zeta for mainnet launch.

    Release SDK for developers and traders to integrate with Zeta.

    Release CPI examples for projects and developers to compose with Zeta.
  • Q1 2022

  • Protocol launch
    Launch Zeta protocol on mainnet with SOL underlying.

    Release example code for trading and liquidation.

    Integrate Zeta with other protocols.

    Launch more underlying assets to trade.
  • Q2 2022

  • The horizon
    Release incentive schemes to boost trading and liquidity on Zeta Markets.

    Multi collateral margining.

    Release perpetual futures.

Zeta Last News

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