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Zero Matic

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Zeromatic is a protocol for private payment system Zpayments
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With Zpayments users can send their funds confidentially (transferred amounts are private) and anonymously (identities of transactors are private). Zeromatic protocol based on improved zero-knowledge range proof system Bulletproof with modifications for ring signatures. No trusted setup is required. What is ZMATIC token? ZMATIC token has a unique features which allow you to become invisible for other users. You can wrap and unwrap MATIC <-> ZMATIC in our dApp or buy it on decentralized exchange Quickswap. The unique feature of ZMATIC — its invisible from block explorers, trackers and analysis tools by default. There is no way to list all the token holders addresses from the contract because the mapping type is not enumerable. It’s impossible to figure out that the address 0x… has the balance of 1000 tokens other than inspecting all the transactions since that ZMATIC contract was created (not only the transactions to that contract but the transactions to all contracts). What is Zpayments? Zpayments is a private payment system powered by Zeromatic protocol ( and Polygon network. With Zpayments users can send their funds confidentially (transferred amounts are private) and anonymously (identities of transactors are private). It's not “another mixer with zero-knowledge proof”, like 99% smart-contracts based privacy projects. It’s not a mixer at all. It’s completely independent account-based private payment system with No trusted setup. Users generate zaccounts (ElGamal ciphertexts, which encrypts the account’s balance under own public key). Each zaccount consists of public key address (starts from “zer0…”) and private key. Available Zpayments features: - Deposit a zaccount with ZMATIC, POLYDOGE, USDC tokens and obtain an equal amount of shielded tokens in exchange. - Transfer shielded tokens from one zaccount to another (Confidentially and Anonymously) - Withdraw to exchange shielded token from a zaccount back to polygon ZMATIC, POLYDOGE, USDC tokens We now compare Zeromatic to others. Zcash and Monero depend on the number of input and output UTXOs consumed and produced. They are dependent on the amount of money spent, whereas Zeromatic does not. And our transactions become smaller than Monero as soon the latter consumes 7 UTXOs or more. Our proving time is faster than Zcash’s so long as at least 2 Sapling notes are spent.    


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