Xrōnins NFT

Xrōnins NFT

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Created using Figma
Xronins is a project that follows the story of Ronins (masterless samurai) in the metaverse that is illustrated throughout the project in the form of an NFT initially. This will then develop into an interactive manga, an anime series and also an immersive web3 experience all while being a utility token on its own.
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About Xrōnins NFT


Xronins roots from 2 words; where the X stands for Xeno (foreign) and Ronins refers to the Japanese term for 'masterless samurai'. Situated in a metaverse torn by differences in teachings and dojos where one's strength determines their social status which gave rise to many different schools and sword fighting techniques mastered and taught by different samurais to their students.

Shuri was a dojo master in a remote village teaching the art of Shizukesa-Kenjitsu (serenity sword style) which was extremely hard to master and hence made his Dojo very unpopular. In an attempt to draw eyes to his Shizukesa-Kenjitsu; he entered the metaverse sword fighting competition where samurais masters from all around the metaverse come together to claim which Dojo and technique is the alpha among them all.
Upon doing so he was gravely defeated and wounded making him unable to ever battle again. Bedridden, ashamed, and broken a ghostly apparition appeared before him introducing itself as the yokai Oni-sama, the king of demons. In exchange for his soul, he would be given all the power and strength he seeks. He abandoned his students and the dojo and abused those powers which left all of his students without a teacher or a master, hence they became known as Xronins. Shuri had then destroyed all of the dojos of the metaverse ensuring to abolish all of the competing samurai masters leading to the uprising of the Xronin who now made a vow to put an end to Shuri's wrath and to restore peace to the metaverse - follow their story!

A collection of 5,555 avatars that give you membership access to The Xronins Dojo. The journey starts with exclusive collaborations, NFT manga drops, community input, metaverse integration, and much more that will be revealed through roadmap activation. Ownership of an Xronin allows for a new era of anime/manga that the world has yet to explore. An Xronin is your identity amongst the community, our ecosystem and within the Solana blockchain. 

We are the samurai of the Solana blockchain. We’re slashing between the barriers of the anime/manga and blockchain world. We are a team of passionate builders who aren’t afraid to step out of our comfort zones, overcome challenges,  and turn this brand into something great. We believe Solana has the potential to become the future of NFTs. We love the community, the energy, the projects, the utilities they provide, and the reasonable network fees.

The team grew up watching anime so being able to finally come together to bring a story of our own to life with the opportunity to build a community and brand around it seemed like an exciting idea. Passion, teamwork, and a sense of family are what will be the ultimate success of this project.

Our vision is to create the largest decentralized anime/manga brand for Web3 and the metaverse which will be built and owned by the community.​ The success of all projects relies solely on the community, which will always be our number one priority to ensure WAGMI becomes a reality.


Xrōnins NFT Roadmap

  • Stage 1

  • Discord roles to be given to holders including OG roles, Whitelisted members, and Xronins.
    Community engagement through trivia nights, games, giveaways, and collaborations to ensure an active and enthusiastic community. Sneak peeks and regular character background stories in addition to AMA events through discord and Twitter spaces.
    A verification bot for holders will be added in order for holders to have their own private channels to communicate and also access private channels created only for them.
    Sales bot to also become available on our Discord server in order to reflect the sales made on secondary marketplaces which will help reflect the general consensus of the floor price and project value in the ecosystem.
  • Stage 2

  • Mint proceeds will be used to:
    -Pay the founders.
    -Fund the liquidity pool for the utility token.
    -Launch Token.
    -Hire additional full-time community moderators.
    -Hire additional artists, animators, and developers.
    -Develop the staking platform.
    -Creation of GEN-1.
    -Develop the breeding platform.
    Secondary royalties:
    -50% Continue funding of the liquidity pool and fund the anime series.
    -50% for paying team member salaries.
  • Stage 3

  • Once all 5,555 Xronins have embarked on their journey the team will then auction off the 1/1 Oni, Shuri. This will grant the holder of the NFT access to early sneak peeks, involvement in team meetings will have a special discord role, and further perks.
    All of the proceeds from the auction will then be added to the liquidity pool to further set the project up for the staking stage.
  • Stage 4

  • The team envisions a space where holders will be able to have exclusive previews and access to reading our interactive manga which illustrates the journey of the 5,555 Xronins for vengeance. What truly differentiates our project and the manga is interactive features that truly fit into the Web3 framework.
    A new manga volume will become available to view, read, and interact with on a biweekly basis.
    The holders will have a space where they will be able to link their wallets to prove they hold our NFT in order to gain access to the manga and make it exclusive to our holder's eyes only.
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  • Stage 5

  • Staking will be our initial utility. This will consist of your Xronins NFT being deposited in a wallet while being staked, this approach is taken to ensure the most secure and best outcomes for the holders in multiple ways. Benefits will include raising the floor price and reducing the supply available on the secondary markets.
    As long as your NFT is staked and escrowed into the staking wallet you will be yielding $XMON on a daily basis which can be withdrawn by the holder at any point.
    $XMON will be our major utility token in our ecosystem which can be used to purchase future generations to sprout from the project, eventually be used to gain access to the manga, used in future auctions, breeding, gain access to the anime and be used as a form of cryptocurrency to purchase our merchandise further adding value and utility to the coin.
    Token Address: [TBD]
    SolScan Link: [TBD]
    Max Supply: There will be a fixed supply of $XMON [TBD]
    Tokenomics: To be announced once a sustainable tokenomics model has been established.
    Distribution of $XMON will be mainly through staking, airdrops, and participating in community-held events that will allow you to further earn more.
  • Stage 6

  • Although Discord is the first and main hangout area for our community, a space in the metaverse which will really bring the web3 experience to life. A high-definition 3D version of your Xronins NFT will be available to use as your avatar in order for you to hang out and engage with the community.
    A vote will be held amongst the community in order to determine what this will ultimately look like.
    This image below represents a sneak peek of what is to come. A 3D interactive version will become available on the website shortly after mint day.
  • Stage 7

  • In order to ensure the Xronins keep growing you will need to purchase a GEN-0 and GEN-1 Xronins. This will grant access to our breeding platform which requires no effort from the holder's side but follow the detailed instructions in order for you to bring the GEN-2 Xronins (Xchibis) into the space. The GEN-2 Xchibis will be available only through the breeding mechanism or secondary sales which ensures rarity and exclusivity.
    $XMON will be used here to begin and power the breeding process through the purchase of a breeding tool.


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