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xDeFi is a investment platform and profit sharing token, That uses bot to help people make extra profits from DeFi starting from 1 token in the investment products with high yields, such as Liquidity mining, Lending, Saving, Funding rates, Staking, Masternode, IEO and others.
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About xDeFi

The two founders of xDeFi are blockchain developers, Ethereum DeFi fans, Ethereum miners (with non-professional rigs). In their opinion, a fully developed DeFi ecosystem should start from well-established infrastructures. Many best practices are introduced in xDeFi ecosystem, including but restricted to : xDEX as one of optimized AMM DEXes, xHalfLife as a money stream protocol, xSTA as a stable coin minted from crypto assets, xNSure as capped-style European option trading platform and liquidity solution, xBadge as a incentive-driven NFT project to encourage behavior beneeficial for the ecosystem based on social consensus, and any other DeFi building blocks which are essential for a well-ordered market.

xDeFi doesn't focus on different AMM curves or special optimization for any certain trading scenarios, but it proposed a full set of parameters which reward fairness and loyalty from liquidity providers proportional to their contribution. Initial design by a small team fewer than 10 developers and a small group of community volunteers, xDEX is fully ready to embrace DAO after community users had a fully understanding about what problem xDeFi is solving, which could enable xDEX Token with a much more decentralized governance process.

xDEX liquidity pools introduced several templates for liquidity providers tooo provide liquidity and earn reward ( as well as xDEX token incentives), and for most of these pools, the proportions of tokens are fixed to minimize the slippage, boost the liquidity efficiency to its theoretical limit, and also saving Ethereum mainnet gas fee. Participants in the Liquidity Pools (LP) of xDEX, the so-called XPTs, will be entitled to receive xDEX token incentives according to each users' relative contribution after various adjustment and correction parameters if users stake their XDEX Pool Tokens, which unleash the maximized liquidity providing profitability directly to users in a much more fair way. Transaction fees collected will also be fairly distributed if xDEX work smooth in a long enough period, performing Repurchase & Make strategy introduced by PlaceHolder.

xDEX also allow users to establish ordinary pools (multi token tuples, instead of binary token pairs) to satisfy their own demand. New token issuers, risk managers, and liquidity providers are free to establish any pools using any standard ERC-20 tokens (template provided) without any permission.

xDeFi Roadmap

  • Q3 2020

  • Whitelist registration
    Airdrop campaigns
    Results press release
  • Q4 2020

  • ICO launch
    Airdrops distribution
    Tokens distribution
    Liquidity Pools
    Funding rates
  • Q1 2021

  • XDFT Rewards
    Pools Rewards (Ex. BAL, YFI, CRV, COMP, etc.)


30 Days Growth:
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30 Days Growth:
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