XAIO Network

XAIO Network

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Created using Figma
XAIO Network ICO Revolutionary Supply Network Decentralized Management Cryptocurrency is the future, we are going forward.Supply chain management is one of the biggest problems that sturggling industirng and cretaing problems with their delivery and dalays. The XAIO Network is the first project to enable industries to supply supply chain management easier than previous block technology using P2P model.
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About XAIO Network

Xaio network will give opportunity to industries to make theire supply chain more & more optimized by exloring XAIO blockchain abilities, so it will allow them to grow buisness and make more benifits.

XAIO will create a logical relation between customers and industries and will optimize the transport road and technics by easiers connexions and quick transport

Every client will have an powerful dashboard withe many abilities and options making supply chain management easier than ever. Client will be able to see the road of their goods, to trace theme, to calculate the exact time of transport and all stuffs realted to this operation.

First of we release our major update with usercenter design which is most important part of ICO Token Sales management. It allows to manage whole process of tokens sales.


This will allow t clients to deliver their goods every where and see the real coasts of every operation. Security experts will cover all fails to allow a secured transactions at any moment of the operation. This wiil facilitate more and more the transactions system. Suppy chain managment will be enhanced by blockchain but also by using AI. XAIO is powered by experimented security experts allowing to secure your fund and every transaction that can be done. XAIO will relate customers with industries or transport directly without integrating a third party managment



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