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Wunzo gives the opportunity for users to own NFT tables and utilize them as a playground for players to play our casino's board games, which are developed on BinanceSmartChain (BSC)
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You may be familiar with the idea of trading or investing in cryptocurrency for a long term passive income. Or maybe you're more of a board games person with a good deal of knowledge and skill.
Either way, Wunzo combines both aspects to finally set a perfect ground for anyone eager to delve into the astonishing world of digital currency.

To further demonstrate, Wunzo harbors 3 types of users:
Through our competitive reward mechanism within the platform, Rollers have the opportunity to choose between two popular board games, being Poker and Ludo. eventually, winner takes all as traditionally known.

The playground (tables) where Rollers compete is a breeding ground for money to others (Croupiers).
To put it simply, considering the burgeoning fame of NFTs, we moved the industry to a renovated ecosystem where users no longer need to trade NFTs in order to make a profit, instead, Croupiers can purchase NFT tables and set them for Rollers to play on, in exchange for a fee that is subtracted from the winner's prize.

Furthermore, through a reformed DAO, we released the potential so that in-platform rules can undergo adjustments by users (shareholders).
Becoming a Shareholder entitles you to a decent share from Wunzo's tip jar while also taking part in implementing changes to Wunzo's platform.
In exchange, you lock your Wunzo token(WNZ) within the platform in order to maintain a stable and long-term value of this token.

To encourage our Rollers for their engagement and consistency, we established a rewarding XP system that will enhance their experience‌
So whenever they reach a certain amount of experience points, they increase their account's level. Each time a Roller advances to a new level they receive a crafting item (Star - Every level, Cosmic Star - Every 5 levels, Hexcube - Every 10 levels).

We established a circular economy that meets the growing need for transparency and trust, generating a healthy ecosystem for a steady token's value.
In a nutshell:
When Rollers play games to generate income, they make use of the NFT tables which produce profits for both Croupiers and the platform, allowing us to transfer our portion to Shareholders who have been stacking their tokens (WNZ) in order to increase to the value of Wunzo's Exclusive items which are offered to Rollers to compensate for their loses.
Talk about passive income 


Because we want to maximize your profit, alongside the intense entertainment Wunzo provides, we guarantee a remarkable experience through adding remote features.‌

The Jackpot:
Investing in cryptocurrencies sometimes feels like a lottery, so you might as well try the real thing.
Wunzo's Jackpot provides a fun way to turn a small amount of digital currency into a life-changing pile of money, a little bit of luck and you're ready to go.

Are you ready to duel!
Clash is a monthly tournament for Ludo and Poker in which Rollers compete til the final phase to pull of the largest chunk.

Aside from those approaches, Wunzo attempted to tackle one of the players' most pressing issues.
Because some Rollers can't devote a lot of time to Wunzo's games.

Users can now create amazing bots using Wunzo's open API, whether it's for personal use for a public paid use.
Bots are AIs that can perform a number of useful automated activities on your behalf, such as the implementation of strategies.
The best thing about bots is that they can be purchased, so it's a great opportunity for developers to place their bots in Wunzo's store for public use, in exchange for a price that they set in advance.

WUNZO Roadmap

  • We have created the main website for the platform containing all the information about the project.

    We have Created the main website for the platform containing all the information about the project.

    We defined the roadmap and each step's timeline.

    We started developing the beta version of the platform.
  • Pre-announcement of the project and the creation of our community (suggestion are taken into consideration).

    Deploying the beta version of the platform on the TestNet blockchain to be tested by the community.

    Launching the platform on the Binance Smart Contract (BSC).

    The launch of the first sale of tokens and tables.

    The official launching of the platform.

    Promoting the project through social media and other networks.

    Augmentation of the stacking tool (Shareholders can start stacking WNZ).

    Launching the platform on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Launching the teleportation system.


30 Days Growth:

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