World X Foundation

World X Foundation

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
World X Foundation
is a community-driven, transparent, and fair Token. Launched from very stable and fast Binance
Smart Chain BSC.
We help with 10 % of our Token Sale to our three charity projects.

In a world where new ‘meme coins’ are released everyday
with rushed launches,
no long-term objective and no actual plan set before
We want to change that and become the pioneer in this space, set a new standard for other projects
and become the best giveaway-based token.
Oct, 2021
Nov, 2021
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Goal 300.00 USD
Cap 1 000 000.00 USD
  • 1 WXF
    0.4 USD
Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
Charity Ecosystem 10% 3.000.000 WXF
Team Lock 17% 5.000.000 WXF
Token sale 6% 1.800.000 WXF
Marketing 7% 2.000.000 WXF
Team & Advertising 10% 3.000.000 WXF
Community, incentives,
Airdrop 17% 5.200.000 WXF
Reserve 33% 10.000.000 WXF
Accepted Currencies
Additional Details
Yes , from Sep 25, 2021 till Sep 30, 2021

World X Foundation Roadmap

  • Q2/21

  • Project Development: - Planning and organization and selection of the team - professional website developing - Analysis of Token - Set-up marketing, development - Hire graphic designer - Create all social media accounts - Contact and secure deals with promoters and influencers
  • Q3/21

  • Before Launch: - Expand and plan marketing campaign before the official pre-sale start to ensure promoters are ready for the launch - Social Media are online - Initiate daily giveaways and milestone giveaways - Promote giveaways and host them with large promoters - Expand and build community
  • Q4/21

  • PRESALE LAUNCH: - PRESALE start at 01.10.2021 - Form long-term partnerships and close deals with larger promoters - Community choosen prizes - Partnerships Worldwide - Launchpad - min. 20K planted trees - integrate and feed the animals in the new forests - min. 100K USD Help for SSPE childrens - we support/help animal shelters with our ecosystem
  • Q4/21

  • PROJECT LAUNCH: -begin to operate EU-Asia -build a big charity community for -sick childrens,Forests,stray animals -Community reach to 20 K Members -Partnership with many organization -Agreements with many companies -Agreements with many companies
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  • Q1/22

  • - Preparations and planning for our new blockchain - Partnership with many organizations - Community reaches 50 k members - First steps to plan the location and size of the dog and cat food factory - Several top 50 exchnage listings
  • Q2/22

  • -Start connection and begin the test with the WXF Ecosystem in our own new building Blockchain -Planning with other charity organizations and build partnerships our community reach 100k members start with your second project that only presale with wxf token
  • Q3/22

  • start with the distribution of the dog and cat food factory, the planning and integrating to our ecosystem -New projects integrate in our blockchain -expand, enlargement and expansion of the second project
  • Q4/22

  • -Opening of the factory and integration into the blockchain -Expansion of the ecosystem with new charity projects -listing of second project in top 10 exchanges
  • Q1/23

  • we start our dog and cat food sales worldwide and from the factory income 20% of the profit token is purchased and locked for 2 years our community is growing and we continue to help sick children, forests and forest animals and stray dogs and cats worldwide


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30 Days Growth:
3 206
30 Days Growth:

World X Foundation Team

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Koray Er
Mustafa Yasar

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