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WISEPLAT is software that introduces a blockchain architecture designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications (the “WISEPLAT Software”).
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Nov 26, 2017
Dec 31, 2017
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Oct 29, 2017
Nov 25, 2017
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Using DPoS for applications allows to process the maximum number of transactions per second


Using multiple blockchains allows the OS to easily scale under increasing loads


Contracts can be executed between different blockchains


Using the account verification system will allow users to get the status of identifiable accounts


The use of rating assessments of the application allows users to quickly and safely in most cases choose the application


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Oleg Shpagin
Ronald Buruuru
Marina Pletneva
Prabanand Rathnam
Marat Isanov
Shingirai Rumuma
Ilghar Khalilov

WISEPLAT Interviews

Who is building the WISEPLAT Software?
oswiseplat.org, a decentralization company, is building the WISEPLAT Software. With employees and advisors based around the world, the company focuses on business-grade technology solutions, including blockchain software development. For more information about oswiseplat.org, please visit oswiseplat.org.
Will the WISEPLAT Software be released under open source software license?
Yes, at the end of its development stage, oswiseplat.org will be releasing the WISEPLAT Software it has developed under an open source software license.
What are WISE tokens?
WISE tokens are ERC-20 compatible tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to a related ERC-20 smart contract (the “WISE Tokens”)
What features, uses or attributes do WISE Tokens have? Can the WISE Tokens be used on a blockchain adopting the WISEPLAT Software?
oswiseplat.org is building the WISEPLAT Software but it will not configure and/or launch any public blockchain platform adopting the open source WISEPLAT Software (the “WISEPLAT Platform”). Any launch of an WISEPLAT Platform will occur by members of the community unrelated to oswiseplat.org. Third parties launching the WISEPLAT Platform may delete, modify or supplement the WISEPLAT Software prior to, during or after launching the WISEPLAT Platform.
The WISE Tokens do not have any rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features, express or implied, including, without limitation, any uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features on the WISEPLAT Platform.
What does WISE stand for?
We believe that WISE means different things to different people. We have received numerous amazing interpretations of what WISE stands for or what it should stand for so we have decided not to formally define it ourselves.
What does oswiseplat.org plan to use proceeds from the WISE Token distribution for?
As a private company, proceeds of the WISE Token distribution will be utilized by oswiseplat.org in its sole discretion. oswiseplat.org intends to use certain of the proceeds for general administration and operating expenses, as well as to build a blockchain consulting business focusing on helping businesses re-imagine or build their businesses on the blockchain, developing more open source software that may be helpful to the community and building decentralized applications using WISEPLAT Software.Developers Tokens will be unfreezed for developers when WISEPLAT Software is launched and the default WISEPLAT Software configuration developed by oswiseplat.org.
Is there a minimum purchase for WISE Tokens?
The minimum contribution accepted during distribution period of the WISE Token is 0.1 ETH or 0.01 BTC (10 mBTC). Smaller contribution amounts will be rejected.
Why are developers WISE Tokens being reserved for oswiseplat.org?
Developers tokens were allocated to oswiseplat.org pursuant to feedback we received from the community in order to ensure that oswiseplat.org has aligned interests with those participating in the WISE Token distribution. The developers tokens represent 19% of the aggregate WISE Token distribution (or 1,900,000 WISE Tokens) (the “Developers Tokens”). The WISE Token distribution smart contract does not permit oswiseplat.org to trade or transfer the Developers Tokens during the WISE Token distribution period.
Developers Tokens will be unfreezed for developers when WISEPLAT Software is launched and the default WISEPLAT Software configuration developed by oswiseplat.org.
Are WISE Tokens transferable?
While oswiseplat.org will not be involved in any way in the transferability of the WISE Tokens, it is possible that WISE Tokens could be transferred on a peer-to-peer basis or on platforms operated by 3rd parties after the WISE Token distribution period.
When will I receive native cryptographic tokens on the WISE Platform?
When WISEPLAT Software will be ready, WISE Tokens will become fixed (non-transferable) on the Ethereum blockchain. At this point any person who wishes to launch an WISE Platform adopting the WISEPLAT Software will be able to generate a JSON file mapping WISE public keys to the fixed balances of the WISE Tokens from the state of the Ethereum blockchain.
As oswiseplat.org will not configure and/or launch any WISE Platform, oswiseplat.org will have no control over when, how or whether the WISEPLAT Software is adopted or implemented, or how, when or whether the WISE Platform is launched. As such, you should not expect and there is no guarantee that you will receive any other cryptographic tokens or digital assets now or in the future.
What happens if I can’t contribute ETH or don’t receive my WISE Tokens?
The WISE Token distribution contract, WISE Token smart contract and the WISE Tokens are being provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without representations, warranties, promises or guarantees whatsoever of any kind made by oswiseplat.org. Prior to purchasing WISE Tokens, you should ensure that you carry out your own examination and investigation and carefully review in their entirety the risks associated with purchasing WISE Tokens as set forth in the Purchase Agreement. Purchases of WISE Tokens are non-refundable and purchases cannot be cancelled. Under no circumstances will you be entitled to receive money or compensation for any WISE Tokens purchased or your inability to purchase WISE Tokens.
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WISEPLAT appears to be a novel approach to blockchain optimization, and draws from the best features of the Ethereum blockchain while allowing for private chain creation. If you’re interested in investing in a high-potential new blockchain network, WISEPLAT is worth considering.

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