Win a MAGA Tour Package

Win a MAGA Tour Package

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About Win a MAGA Tour Package

Lou Dobbs once said to all of his colleagues on Fox News that, “Donald Trump is the greatest president of my lifetime, if not any lifetime.”

Now that the President is planning his return to Save America Again, we wanted to give you an opportunity to win a lottery that can get you to actually meet #45 and the great Bill O'Reilly live in person with the ‘Trump 'History Tour'. while at the same time taking the $TRUMPTOUR coin to the moon.

4% of every BUY and 10% of every SELL transaction goes to the “Meet Donald Trump” fund, which is handed out to one faithful winner to BNB.

Through this BNB LOTTERY, $TRUMPTOUR tokens will give you an opportunity to CONTINUOUSLY win the equivalent VALUE of an expense paid trip to meet the President and Bill O'Reilly. The $TRUMPTOUR lottery ticket is enough to purchase a VIP ticket to The History Tour, which includes getting pictures taken with Trump and O’Reilly and a pre-show, 45-minute reception alongside a MAGA hat, a covefe shirt, plane ticket and hotel stay.

Every time the Trump Fund has collected $15,000 in BNB (~50BNB), which is enough for a package to buy a VIP ticket to see Trump and O'Reilly, a WINAMAGATOUR HODLer is chosen randomly to receive the BNB. We will repeat this process in perpetuity with Donald Trump, to Don Jr. to Eric to Ivanka to Baron and so on.

Details and ticket pricing subject to change. The 50BNB is a an estimate as of June 2nd, 2021. Here are some sites to buy your ‘Trump History Tour’ tickets

Once $15,000 in BNB is collected, a winner is chosen randomly to receive the BNB via a LOTTERY SYSTEM.

This all happens on the blockchain and you can see the code in our contract. And as sure as Trump won in 2020, this winner is 100% verifiable.


Features Buy Sell/Transfer Distribute Holders 3% 3% Lottery 5% 11% Marketing 4% 4%

Win a MAGA Tour Package Roadmap

  • November 4th, 2020
    Donald Trump has the election stolen from him
  • June 2021
    Bill O’Reilly and DJT announce their tour
    June 2021
    A group of TRUE PATRIOTS get together to give people an opportunity to meet Mr. Trump
    June 2021
    Conceive and launch website
  • July 2021
    Build online community

    Get list onto Coinmarketcap and Coingecko and Coinhunters

    Announce 2 winners on the first day
  • August 2021
    Announce a winner per day

    Get to 10,000 patriotic HODLers

    Community QA session with Don Dr.
  • Read More
  • November 2022
    Save American Again by taking back the house and the senate
  • March 2023
    Impeach Biden and Harris and constitutionally instate McCarthy POTUS. Governor DeSantis appoints Trump to a congressional seat from a retiring congressman. Trump is made Speaker of the house. McCarthy and the standing VP steps down as POTUS and makes Trump POTUS again.
  • April 2023
    American wins again


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