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A blockchain-based healthcare charity platform providing seamless solutions for secure and transparent delivery of medico-financial aid from the donor to the point of need. The Welleth platform integrates solutions which interact synergistically to create a dynamic digital ecosystem which will play a leading part in the future of the donation, healthcare, and cryptocurrency markets. Welleth is a step towards Web 3.0
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Oct 25, 2018
Dec 15, 2018
100% completed
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Cap 350.00 ETH
Hard cap 1 050.00 ETH
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About Welleth

Welleth is a blockchain-based healthcare charity platform that provides a secure and transparent avenue through which funds are delivered from the donor to the beneficiary without a 3 rd party or activation time. The platform enables donors create campaign wallets and specify criteria under which the wallets can be accessed, all funds in campaign wallets can be instantly accessed by accredited institutions with cases matching the criteria specified by the donor. Non donating users of the platform can also create personal wallets to store and transfer their funds. These stored funds can be donated, traded, or kept as an investment or insurance. The platform will feature its own standard Electronic Health Records platform for operations at the facility level, and a dedicated exchange at the later stages of the project.

Welleth uses its own Token (Welleth coin) which will be listed on several exchanges to make it a globally tradable digital asset. The Welleth coin will be based off Ethereum’s ERC20 protocol and will only be transferrable from personal wallets to ensure security of donations. All transactions on campaign wallets will be publicly viewable and non-modifiable to ensure accountability and ease of auditing. The project will establish partnerships with some major token exchanges till it sets up its own exchange. This will ensure swift withdrawal of the Welleth coin equivalent in fiat currency and maintain liquidity which will be further driven by donation and crypto currency markets.

The Welleth platform features numerous community rewards which will drive participation and promote both the platform and all featured campaigns. The desire for health facilities worldwide to be on this platform will cause massive rise in the global e-health adoption index, resulting from health facilities equipping themselves to meet the criteria for partnership with Welleth. The platform creates the possibility for data from the activities of all stakeholders to be responsibly harnessed and processed for informed decisions which will lead to the growth of the platform and an overall improved global health index.


This includes the personal wallet, campaign wallet, mobile apps, and welleth coin. Powers a new revolutionary digital economy. A secure digital interface for accredited facilities which ensures health data quality and matches medical cases with active campaigns. Hybrid exchange platform to ensure swift transaction between welleth coins, altcoins, and other currencies.



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Welleth Team

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Ifeanyi Awachie
Co-founder and CEO
Stan Ugljanin
Lead Development Team
Didi Nwala
Lead Marketing Team
Lyle Chen
Lead Legal and Research Team

Welleth Interviews

Lyle Chen
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I advised the team that worked on all the project documentation, as well as checking for regulations to ensure that we kept it in a safe legal environment; for the investors, and the platform.
What do you think about idea?
I think it's a system that the world needs urgently and i would love to be part of the team that delivers it. Healthcare never gets outdated, and everybody deserves quality healthcare.

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