Welcome to TORUS

Welcome to TORUS

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Core values of TORUS - Integration Integration between the chains, concentration of energy within the world of coins - Decentralization Decentralization of decision-making process within the chain - Challenge Consistently changing and developing chain - Perpetuity Chain lasting forever through chain integration.
Risk: Very High
Jul 1, 2018
Jul 31, 2018
100% completed
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Mar 1, 2018
Mar 18, 2018
100% completed
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Platform, Cryptocurrency, Internet-technology, Communication, Smart Contract

About Welcome to TORUS

The technology realized by TORUS

- Multiple parallel chain structure
The decision-making and transaction structure of TORUS has Multiple parallel chain structure. Based on parallel forms of previous chains with distributed storage of single transaction, parallel structures between the Piconode are connected in a multiple manner that creates consensus algorithm.

- Piconode
It is a new concept of node applied to TORUS and refers to the subject of individuals connected in the offline network which can be an individual node in mobile environment. Piconode must possess TORUS Wallet Application while locking the amount of coins specified by the regulations. After that, it can be a node itself and participate in decision-making and transactions. Piconode can be active at desired time period and locations, and be rewarded with Piconode during the above process. Based on numerous Piconodes, TORUS enables offline transactions by QR code or NFC payment.

- Issuing Offline node TORUS QR Code
Issuing TORUS QR Code through Offline node will be a great system completing the offline(local) transactions. Among the Piconode possessors, the users who authorized activation of Offline node can issue QR Code, which can be exchanged offline.

Welcome to TORUS Roadmap

  • JAN 2017

  • Planning of establishment “Team TORUS”.
  • JAN 2018

  • Organizing Team TORUS and Preparing to launch “TORUS COIN”.
  • MAR 2018

  • Private sale scheduled for secret organizations.
  • JUL 2017

  • Complete the fund-raising for the Team TORUS.
  • Read More
  • FEB 2018

  • End of sale for foundation.
    Limited Pre-sales reserved for individuals(Unable: USA, China, Korea).
  • JUN 2018

  • Activating Beta test net (Wallet generation & TORUS coin distribution).
  • SEP 2018

  • Listing on the international exchange & starting of TORUS trading.
  • DEC 2018

  • Opening the exchange of TORUS’s & starting of 1st coin integration.
  • JUL 2018

  • Starting public ICO of TORUS.
  • MAR 2019

  • Starting to operate Main Net.
  • 2020

  • Establishment and activation of TORUS ecosystem.


Welcome to TORUS Team

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