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Welcome to Waterfall DeFi's Gitbook! This is the place where we break knowledge silos. We document the in-depth underlying mechanics of our protocol, we make user guides and information that our community will find helpful while using our upcoming mainnet products, we provide transparency to our project and make sure everyone's updated on what's going on.
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About Waterfall defi

Waterfall DeFi is a platform that offers true risk diversification through tranching of yield generating DeFi assets. The rise of decentralized finance (“DeFi”) has taken the cryptocurrency markets to a whole new level.

Over the past 3 years since the initial coin offering (“ICO”) frenzy started in 2017 and brought the market into a 3 year bear trend, we’ve witnessed many developers either continue to build or pivot from nonsensical projects to platforms that add value to the financial ecosystem within crypto.

Some of the early projects that gave birth to DeFi was MakerDAO; a stablecoin that is backed by cryptocurrency as collateral (“DAI”) and its governance token (“MKR”). Then came along Compound (“COMP”), a platform similar to MakerDAO, but instead allowed direct borrowing and lending of selected cryptocurrencies with a marginalized system to control collateral risk.

Many of the borrowed capital went into leveraged trading within Defi - the likes of derivatives platform Synthetix (SNX) and the notorious decentralized exchange Uniswap (UNI) that is powered by the Automated Market Model (more on this later).

Waterfall defi Roadmap

  • V1.0

  • Predetermined Set of Assets and Tranches

    Platform will first launch a few fixed sets of DeFi portfolio assets, where each portfolio of assets will be tranched up into a minimum of 2 tranches: Senior and Junior.
  • V2.0

  • DIY
    Tranche Origination

    With the introduction of the DAO, Waterfall DeFi Protocol will allow users to select and construct their own portfolio of tranched products
  • V3.0

  • Variable / Perpetual Expiry Tranches

    When Waterfall protocol becomes more robust and efficient, the team shall explore variations of the tranche offerings, allowing more flexible tenure and staking / staking options.


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