Wasted Wolves

Wasted Wolves

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
A pack of 4,444 wolves hungry to conquer the solana space through various tools, partnerships, and collaborations. Everything that we do is to bring as much value as possible to our holders.
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About Wasted Wolves

A pack of 4,444 Wolves that are hungry to conquer the Solana space through various tools, partnerships, and collaborations. Staking will be available for holders to collect $WOLF which can be used for premium raffles. Once we've released the first set of tools, we'll also be allowing holders of multiple Wolves to breed Pups for access to exclusive top-tier tools that are designed to give you an edge in your Solana NFT trading.

Wasted Wolves Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • Community Building
    Before we let the Wolves out into the wild, we'll be doing a variety of different things to build the community such as Twitter giveaways, whitelist collabs with other projects, and we'll also be getting listed on multiple NFT drop calendars.
  • Phase 2

  • Launching The Website
    Soon Before the mint, we'll be launching our main website which will also later be used as the main platform for staking and a few of the other tools that we'll be creating.
  • Phase 3

  • Minting 4,444 Wolves
    This is when we'll let the Wolves out into the wild and prepare them with all the tools they need to profitably (key word - profitably!!) conquer the Solana space.
  • Phase 4

  • Holder Raffles
    Wolves holders get special access to top-tier giveaways that include prizes of SOL, NFTs, merch, premium whitelist spots for projects that we partner with, and a variety of other prizes.
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  • Phase 5

  • Alpha Wolf Tools
    Once we've successfully established the pack of Wolves, our next focus will be to create a full suite of tools that will help holders find a plethora of profitable opportunities in the Solana NFT space.
  • Phase 6

  • Staking For $WOLF
    Depending on how long your Wolves are staked for, you'll receive a set amount of $WOLF. Once you generate enough, you'll be able to redeem it for entries into special giveaways, premium whitelist spots, and a variety of other rewards.
  • Phase 7

  • Breed Wolf Pups
    Once we've implemented the majority of the Wolves utility, we'll be launching an additional premium/upgraded set of tools that will only be available to Pups. Stay tuned for more details.
  • Phase 8

  • Wasted Wolves Merch
    We'll be sending out free merch to VIP Wolves holders and creating a separate, fully functional eCommerce website where we'll have a variety of different Wasted Wolves clothing and accessories.
  • Phase 9

  • Roadmap 2.0
    Once the Wolves accomplish the first mission, we'll be onto the next. We won't stop after just one roadmap.


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