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What started as a crypto internet meme, is now the official battle cry to save all mankind:
"We're All Gonna Make It"
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About WAGMI Games

WAGMI DEFENSE, phase one of WAGMI GAMES, is currently in development to be a PVP tower defense battle game on Android andIOS platforms (desktop in future phase). Users will battle against each other using units "NFTs" within the game. These NFT cards are collectable cards you can purchase from the "WAGMI Network" Each card will use a different amount of energy and have a different cool down.

The goal in the game "WAGMI Defense" is for users to push and strategically destroy the other teams’ main bases by strategically placing down traps, offensive moves, as well as defensive moves.

Users will win WAGMI tokens for winner competitions within the game. These tokens are available to withdraw to your blockchain wallet and redeem them for real digital currency.There will also be leaderboards in which larger winnings can be earned.

Users can play the game for free with a "base set" of cards. If the player wants to get into a higher ranked and higher rewarding gameplay, they will have to purchase NFTs from the "WAGMI Network" which will cost real digital currency to buy.

WAGMI Games Roadmap

  • Q1 2022

  • Release Player Vs Player (PVP) Tower Defense Game.
  • Q4 2022

  • Release 3D MMORPG High Definition Game


30 Days Growth:
5 835
30 Days Growth:

WAGMI Games Last News

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