vSPACEX Itovault

vSPACEX Itovault

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
vSPACEX is a pre-IPO token based on ItoVault 1.0. It intends to replicate the holding period
return from owning a share of SpaceX from now until after the company IPOs.
vSPACEX uses TWAP market prices from Uniswap as the primary price oracle to determine
margins and liquidations. As such, the price feed is effectively 24/7, continuous to the resolution
of hours, and based on actually tradable prices. To resist short squeezes, a liquidation
challenge mechanism is available to vault owners when TWAP prices are substantially higher
than underlying share transaction prices in private markets. vSPACEX aims to adjust for as
many corporate events as feasible.
Pre Sale
Apr 1, 2021
Apr 30, 2021
100% completed
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About vSPACEX Itovault

About vSPACEX on ItoVault
V1.0 of vSPACEX ItoVault has been released effective March 3rd, 2021 under address on
mainnet of 0x31CE064C35E03F0BC9d746835E25A98d944a24D3 . The vSPACEX token is
available at 0x44e28f2aCC84C36373BAdcd681749D38E01e2cC4 .
vSPACEX Specification
The major innovations and differences between vSPACEX and the base ItoVault 1.0 / vSPY
are: 1) the price feed sources, which interacts with the 2) liquidation process. Finally, since
vSPACEX may be subject to more corporate actions, 3) the set of corporate action adjustments
is larger than vSPY, which is only subject to dividend.
Price Feed
Unlike the SPY ETF, which has a large source of liquidity and prices during market hours,
SPACEX is a private company. SpaceX does not have minutely fine-grained price data from
traditional financial markets. Fortunately, the problem has a known solution, and in many
aspects vSPACEX is more robust than vSPY.
While vSPY receives its price data from a Chainlink oracle (or whitelisted oracle) that ingests
data from traditional finance markets, vSPACEX receives data from two sources.

vSPACEX Itovault Roadmap

  • Oct 2020

  • Major Whitepaper Components Specified
  • Nov 2020

  • (Version 0.1) launched with full base functionality.
  • Jan 2021

  • MVP Participant Feedback Collated. Features Specified.
  • Mar 2021

  • V2 features programmed and ready for testing.
  • Read More
  • May 2021

  • Version 2 launched with highest-value features added.
  • Jul 2021

  • Publicity Campaign in Full for ItoVault
  • Sept 2021

  • Future Development With Community-Guided Direction


30 Days Growth:

vSPACEX Itovault Last News

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