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Feb 5, 2022

We are a next-gen social media platform, built on blockchain, with a mission to give our users a better, safer and more profitable place to create, earn, learn and entertain.
VOXE is a crypto-native ecosystem for creators, companies, and customers. We built this project to have a platform where each type of user has the best experience, that’s why we invented a new name for our business model as CCC (customer, creator, company).
Seed Token Sale
Mar 15, 2022
Mar 16, 2022
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Goal 1 520 000.00 USD
Cap 500 000.00 USD
  • 1 VOXE
    0.0095 USD
Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
8% of tokens (160,000,000) will be allocated to seed sale round.[Vested over 12 months] (Price: $0,0095)
10% of tokens (200,000,000) will be allocated to private sale round. [Vested over 10 months] (Price: $0,03 Round 1 // $0,045 Round 2)
5% of tokens (100,000,000) will be allocated for Public IDO. (Price: $0,075 Round 1 // $0,085 Round 2 // 0,095 Round 3 // $0,15 Round 4) [4 Public Round on Decentralized platform][6 months vesting]
7% of tokens (140,000,000) will be allocated for founders. [Vested over 7 years, 1 year lock, 6 years distribution]
10% of tokens (200,000,000) will be allocated for Team, Advisors, and Partnerships [Vested over 4 years]
8% (160,000,000) of tokens will be allocated for marketing and PR [25% unlocked, 75% Vested for 24 months]
35%(700,000,000) of tokens will be allocated for platform ecosystem, referral program, staking, burning… [Vested for 5 years]
5% (100,000,000) of tokens will be allocated for the liquidity fund. [100% at listing]
12% (240,000,000) of the tokens will be allocated for reserve. [vested for 4 years]
Accepted Currencies
Min Contribution
Company Details
Registered Country
Czech Republic
Additional Details
Binance Smart Chain
Yes , from Jan 21, 2022 till Mar 10, 2022

About VOXE

VOXE is a young company, founded by a group of passionate and motivated people, who have joined together from different continents and cultures with extremely different backgrounds.

In the last few years, each of us was preparing for this moment without knowing it. Each one of us was doing things that before or later would get us to this point. The moment when our destiny became reality was at YCombinator Startup School. We met there and understood instantly that we found something that we were looking for the whole life. People with the proper mindset, motivation, and craziness to be the ones that are going to change the world. 

We prefer not to be one of the projects, we want to be The Project. We don’t follow any examples, rules or statements, we create our own. Likewise, we are innovating constantly, and our excitement is endless. 

Our team is more than 1 year that is working on this project. We did all the steps in the right way to build solid fundamentals, we don’t like the phrase “Move fast and break things” but rather “Move fast and build things”.

We invested on our own around $60K to bootstrap the project, for development, education, operations, tools, business trips, meetups etc… We are all in, and we will never stop until this project will become a unicorn. And from that moment we will work even harder.

At VOXE, we believe in a world where social media is FOR users, built BY users. We’re on a mission to change the way social media platforms are designed, built and operated. VOXE is a revolutionary social media platform that enables users to earn a measurable income while keeping their personal information private and secure. Our users will have a complete control of their personal data and content—they decide what’s shared, when it’s shared, with whom and for how long.

We're a movement. A community. A global network of like-minded creators, companies, and customers with a common goal: to enhance the way people connect and express themselves to the world.

Existing marketplace, social media and unfair ecosystem extract the vast majority of the value generated by their creators and communities without fairly compensating them.VOXE distributes the ownership of the platform among its users, and essentially eliminates any power held by third parties. We are putting power back into the hands of the individuals.




Subscription Model:
Subscription as you never seen before. Don’t limit yourself just with one, get new every day. The system works in the way that the user can switch between creators, daily, without any additional fees during the period of subscription. VOXE delivers an incredibly diverse types of content: videos, verts, photos, livestreams and much more. 

Live Streaming:
Creators are going to have many ways to monetize their streams by collaborating with other creators or inviting their VOXERS to have fun together. Advertising is not needed anymore because now users can co-stream with their favourite brands. Creators will be free to provide their fans with a wonderful experience or to share it with them.

VOXERS will have the possibility to create their own token connected to their brand as a company or a person. They can use it in different ways for charity or to run a fundraising for a project, product or any other initiative.

Creator's Networking Space:  
It will be dedicated to the potential collaboration between creators, companies, and brands. Thanks to our smart contracts, all the collaborations will be safe and immutable.

Live Auctions:  
Earn even more with Live Auctions. Give your fans an opportunity to compete for your unique items. Auctions where the highest bidder wins the item, while after the end of an auction, the product/service will be available directly in user’s profile. 

Private Blockchain:
Thanks to private blockchain, transactions will be fast and secure. Smart Contracts are providing trustless agreements on collaborations between users, creators, and brands. User’s personal data will be encrypted to guarantee their privacy. 

NFTs and Digital Art:
Content as an NFT. Own each piece of content like an asset. Make it private, show it or sell it and earn from royalties. Mint the NFT when you want for a cheaper price. 

Staking for Rewards:
$VOXE token holders will be able to stake their tokens directly from accounts on the platform. Stake $VOXE tokens to earn a passive income. 

Profile Levels:
Each user can achieve a higher “level” to get access to more features, benefits, and perks. By spending, streaming, chatting and overall activity, users will get a certain amount of exp. that will help them to grow lvl. In this way, it will help to improve the interaction quality between fans and creators. 

$VOXE's holders can and are encouraged to participate in the ecosystem development with their votes. Each user will be able, after reached a certain level on the platform, to vote for new features, community decisions, events and much more. We will give this opportunity to all VOXERS that are supporting us with token. 

Security and Digital Protection:
Nowadays, one of the most popular problems in many industries is the content piracy. With our platform technology, we will be able to recognize all the leaked content on internet and other social media platforms. Algorithm will encourage users to facilitate content reporting and general moderation. The content creator and the reporter, if any, will share the rewards collected from the violator. Technology of our partners can track the piece of the content that was pirated and uploaded on any other social media platform, send DMCA request and eventually take it down. 

Crypto + Fiat Payments:
The platform will accept both Crypto and Fiat to let all users pay as they like. Each user will be able to use crypto or regular bank card to transfer funds directly to account and spend it within the platform and withdraw with  VOXE issued card.

Technical Info

VOXE is a subscription-based platform, allowing users to be as flexible as they wish and not get tied to a fixed amount, which often they can’t afford. Our platform will revolutionize the current fixed subscription model and enable users to spend more or less as they wish, and VOXE credit is the engine for this transition. VOXE credits are a system that will be used inside the platform for internal transactions, unlike other typical tokens, VOXE credits will be exclusively used inside the web app.

Private blockchain has the possibility to be ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain or BEP20 on the binance smart chain, it also has the possibility of being outside of the blockchain networks and be on the VOXE internal “virtual credit system” stored on the VOXE servers. Just like Reddit credits.

The social networks are moving towards decentralization. As a social company Censorship-resistant architecture is what we aspire to have, by relying on blockchain for payment and backend design in part, to give to our users the most safe and fun experience. With time and technology development, we are confident that we will be able to find the perfect balance.

Accepting funds from users does not require integration with Stripe or PayPal. We have partners from Crypto space to accept, exchange and use both Crypto and FIAT (In and Out).

Our users can trust our software because not only is the front-end code visible (via browser inspection tools), but the back-end logic (contract code) can also be inspected, allowing for independent verification and auditing that your code does not contain backdoors that allow you to steal all of their funds.

VOXE Roadmap

  • 2022-Q1:

  • Token Listing on ICO Calendars
    Develop Launchpad
    Giveaway on Sweepwidget
    AMA with VOXE Team
    Open the office in Prague
    Seed Token Sale + Airdrop Reward
    Start Hiring Process & Operations
    Influencer Marketing Campaign
    Payment Gateway Partnerships
  • 2022-Q2:

  • Building Core Features of VOXE
    UI Design & Front-End Dev Kick Off
    Mockups Sneak-Peaks
    Private Sale [1 Round]
    Referral Program Website Integration
    Payment Integration
    Launch of the VOXECast
    CoinMarketCap Listing
  • 2022-Q3:

  • Framework Tests
    IDO Campaign [4 Rounds]
    Pancake Swap Listing
    AI Machine Learning System
    1Inch Listing
    Cross-Platform Compatibility
    Product Pre-Launch Announcement
    Gate.io Listing
    Kuna Listing
  • 2022-Q4

  • VOXE Beta Release + Exclusive Event
    Public Announcement
    Develop New Features
    First Company Retreat


30 Days Growth:


Verified 75%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Kirill Onasenko
Antony Tatur
Nate Zeleke
Lorenzo Caramia

VOXE Interviews

Kirill Onasenko
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?

I define my role as a Product guy, Design Lead and Vision Lead. My ultimate goal is to make sure that our project is heading towards creation of social media platform that will give people privacy they deserved, will protect their rights, give infinite opportunities to earn, learn and entertain.
What do you think about idea?
I believe that we live in the times when we have to become conscious about our privacy and quality of information sources. Me and my team's goal is to make sure that humanity will have a relevant alternative to existing social media platforms that will become a safe and efficient digital ecosystem for the future generations.
Antony Tatur
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Chief Business Development Officer at VOXE.
I have a massive experience in negotiations with content creators, pay-websites and possible investors from all around the globe, and I'm responsible for future partners of VOXE. Held negotiation processes with companies like Cryptopay.com; Verifymyage.com. Communication skills and empathy help me to be successful in the relationship with any person.
What do you think about idea?
We are building a social media platform, with advanced business ecosystem and disruptive business model, which will be able to solve bigger part of issues, which are limiting creators and sometimes even making their lives and process of content creation harder.

We are standing for freedom of speech and expression and really crave, that VOXE as a platform will give an opportunity to absolutely different people from various industries to exist and create normally without any fear to be banned, misunderstood or judged by someone. In some countries, it’s already becoming dangerous to express your political position out loud and so far popular platforms cannot protect the users.

Thanks to Blockchain technology, we will be able to secure all personal data of our customers and make a huge step forward to instant payments and smart contracts within our platform. Thanks to user interface of the platform both: content creator and their fans/customers/viewers will have more opportunities to interact with each other. 

A new opportunity to monetize any piece of content will help content creators to become more independent of advertisers and produce the content they are really passionate about.
Lorenzo Caramia
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I'm a co-founder and CGO of VOXE. I'm responsible for marketing & growth. From the beginning i was organizing the token economics and whitepaper to give our community the best possible experience. We planned the Seed Token Sale with accredited investors but after tons of PMs from community we decided to open 500 spots for community only. We opened the whitelist today!
What do you think about idea?
The idea behind the VOXE token is to help users to have new ways to interact with their favourite content creators, influencers, brands, meanwhile growing their wealth.
Our team believes that the creator economy can be fully automated, crypto-native, authentic, and secure. Content creators can be paid in $VOXE/credits, other cryptocurrencies or FIAT (euro, usd…).

VOXE Last News

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