Volinex ICO

Volinex ICO

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With VOLINEX, customers will be able to make a IBAN transfer directly from their Bitcoin balance. Using a software that we developed, an automatic exchange will take place that will make manually transferring and selling Bitcoins.
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Dec 15, 2017
Dec 15, 2017
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About Volinex ICO

On the platform that we developed, VOLINEX, anyone can set up a current account with a linked Bitcoin Wallet free of charge, regardless of whether they are a private or business customer.

With VOLINEX, customers will be able to make a IBAN transfer directly from their Bitcoin balance. Using a software that we developed, an automatic exchange will take place that will make manually transferring and selling Bitcoins a thing of the past, in turn making the complex market situation of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoins, socially accepted and easy to manage.

It is currently not possible to pay one's everyday bills, such as rent and electricity, online shopping etc. with Bitcoins. This is one of the greatest challenges this currency faces. The process of selling. Bitcoin, then transferring the money to a IBAN-compatible account and subsequently to a recipient account normally takes about 5-7 banking days.

The automated exchange saves the customer a significant amount of time and makes it possible to use one's Bitcoin wallet for everyday transactions. With VOLINEX, the delay will be reduced to 2 banking days, which fits the intention of cryptocurrencies. They were created to be able to process payments within minutes.

Now it is possible to pay one's rent, online shopping bills, etc. on a single platform and VOLINEX will also make it easy to do everyday shopping at the supermarket, fill up the car or take out cash. As a result of our cooperation with VISA, we are able to offer debit cards that can be topped up with a click on our app or our online platform.

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Alex Meixner
Sergii Merkulov
Petro Datsiuk
Senior Software Engineer
Maksym Nesteruk
Senior Designer
Linett Harnert
VP for Business Development
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Volinex ICO Reviews

Samson Owiti
Cryptotrader, Crypto investor, Blockchain business expert

Volinex is a platform that makes the use of crypto currencies easier by allowing anyone to set up their current bank accounts with a linked Bitcoin wallet free of charge whether they are private or business consumers. They are able to make IBAN transfer directly with their Bitcoin using developed software installed in their smartphones.


Individual creativity: The increase in business transactions has increased the demand for creativity amongst the customers which is adequately provided by Volinex as it enables the use of crypto currencies making the individuals creative and thinks critically on how to use their money and the associated transactions. The status of this project should be maintained for the development of a smart and environmentally friendly World.

Conveniency: The application of the project ensures that the automated exchange is effected easily by eliminating the traditional post and transforming them to mails and online transactions. This saves the customer time hence keeping up to the expectations of technology.


Promotes automatic exchange:  The project makes Bitcoin socially accepted and easy to manage   enabling easy transfer and selling as the customers are able to make transfers directly from their Bitcoin balance. This at large enhances easier payment of day to day bills ranging from rent, electricity bills  or online shopping as the IBAN token used by the individuals  is highly compatible with their bank accounts. This makes the application of the project effective and viable.

The automated exchange involving the use of Bitcoin significantly saves customers time however the use of Volinex reduces the usual delays of banking of 5-7 days provided by IBAN to 2 days hence making  crypto currencies socially acceptable.


The traditional money transfers systems have become outdated and the rise of technology through the use block chain technology ensures that all the risks associated with this are eliminated. The transfer of money online as provided by the Volinex helps the  in reduction of banking time besides saving the customers time  and ease of payment of everyday bills. These make the project viable with great social development.


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Volinex is advertising a powerful cryptocurrency debit card. Unfortunately, that debit card does not appear to exist. The debit card is scheduled to be released in February/March 2018. The company is accepting pre-orders (at 24.90 EUR apiece) throughout January and February 2018. The company is making enormous promises about the card – including the fact that it will be accepted in 200+ countries worldwide. They also claim they have a partnership with VISA.

Overall, there’s not enough information online to support anything that Volinex is selling. The company’s website features limited team information or technical details of the platform. There’s no whitepaper.

Furthermore, the company’s “fees” section makes the card seem similar in price to a traditional debit or credit card: you pay 3% foreign transaction fees, for example, along with a monthly maintenance fee.

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