Virtual Accelerator

Virtual Accelerator

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
A platform that allows the promotion, testing and funding of ideas. It’s a place that allows new startups to be formed
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About Virtual Accelerator

The Virtual Accelerator democratises opportunity for everyone, from entrepreneurs gaining access to early funding through to anyone in the community gaining access to investment opportunities. The platform combines blockchain technology and crowd diligence to remove the barriers that prevent opportunity and investment being realised.

The Virtual Accelerator opens with the 2016 competition and will reopen to new entries in subsequent hackathons.


- Promotion, testing and funding of ideas
- Place to find teammates based on mutual interests, try out the prototype, express interest in the products, attracting early adopters
- Early adopters can also be turned into kickstart backers and fund the project using the tokenizing feature available to each startup team. The platform provides an open stage for teams to display and share their work, allowing the whole community to see how they’re progressing whilst getting honest feedback from a panel of experienced judges on their progress and direction

Technical Info

Technical details:  The project uses Ethereum blockchain. The team involved in each startup will have a self-enforcing smart contract that will guarantee the rights of each person that acquires the tokens initiated by the startup. This is achieved via the DSTContract, where DST stands for Decentralised Startup Team. Hacker Gold (HKG) is the official token of the Virtual Accelerator. It’s the fuel that makes the platform possible. The goal for many teams in the VA is to create their own startup. The platform makes this possible by allowing teams to initiate their own token, these can be bought solely for HKG during the event period. For fans, this is the chance to get in at an early stage, support a team and gain preferred voting rights on how the team uses its funds. Startup tokens issued after the hackathon do not come with voting rights. HKG is also a reflection of the level of the community’s conviction in the future success of the platform. HKG will be issued only once. Once the crowdsale is over, to participate in future Virtual Accelerator hackathons HKG must be purchased on the open market. The source code:  Code is fully available on Github. The code passed audit which revealed no vulnerabilities. Proof of developer:  Public team


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