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With VersaCoin™, we introduce digital tools and education to enable us all to build a better world together. We will monetarily incentivize – with our technologies – behavior that strengthens communities and small businesses. This is the thing that’s missing in the online world today: Fiscal incentive for communal behavior built into the very fabric of its operations.
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About VersaCoin

VersaCoin™ has been designed so that it is readily available, secure and fast.

One may hold gold or silver as a store of wealth, but the last thing they would think of is trying to pay at a register or restaurant using a precious metal. In reality, Bitcoin is very similar when it comes to using it in daily commerce.

The original Bitcoin protocol included a feature called Zero Confirmation (0-Conf) which permitted almost instantaneous assurance to both parties that the transaction was recognized by the network. It allowed a merchant to be certain that the coins of a transaction would absolutely be included a block, with no way for the buyer to pull them back. However, this feature was removed in version 0.12.0 of the Bitcoin protocol and in its place was Replace by Fee (RBF).

Bitcoin had become too big for the underlying coin structure. As the number of transactions began to exceed the capacity of BTC’s 1 MB block, many transactions had to "wait on the sidelines" in order to be included into a block for validation, as the block size never increased with the growth of the network. Miners have the ability to selectively choose the transactions which contain the highest attached fees and add them to a block. Remember, the finder of the block doesn't just get the new Bitcoins mined, they also get ALL the fees associated with the block's transactions. This meant that it could take considerable time for a party to receive their Bitcoin if the sender chose a low transaction fee. Not very desirable if you are trying to pay for something in a hurry, nor if you are the merchant wanting to ensure that you are eventually going to get paid.

RBF allows a sender to "recall" their initial transaction and increase the fees in order to entice the miners to select it for a block for confirmation. Think of it like trying to outbid someone in an auction. But there is a possibility that during this process the transaction can be altered or the receiver address changed to one that the originator owns, to the detriment of the receiver. With RBF, the only way to ensure fraud hasn’t occurred is for the receiver to wait for a few confirmations of the block containing the transaction before releasing the goods or providing the service.

Today's Bitcoin, with Segwit, is only capable of handling approximately 600,000 transactions per day. That equates to about 7 transactions per second. VersaCoin™ is lightyears ahead of that, capable of 1,120 transactions per second. That is 160 times the capacity of the Bitcoin network and a blockchain that contains ALL transaction data. In comparison, the Visa™ network averages 1,700 transactions per second. That puts VersaCoin™ in a very comfortable position immediately regarding capacity and there is room to expand the network and transaction capability as time passes and the need arises.


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