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Jul 1, 2021

The Future of Streaming Entertainment, Built for freedom of speech. Powered by blockchain. The video streaming industry creates numerous opportunities but also introduces certain limitations. Decentralizing this industry is the next logical evolution, although the process will prove challenging. Vabble provides a home for content deemed undesirable by other SVOD providers. The platform will provide an experience like no other for the end-user. Vabble aims to bridge the gap between community and SVOD and deliver a digital cinema experience right to a user's device. Hosting libraries of films, documentaries, series and showtime streams. A system built for freedom of speech, and counter-censorship. Redefining the standard revenue sharing models with our own cryptocurrency $VAB. Vabble is more than just your every SVOD, it’s an experience like you’ve never had.
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Jul 26, 2021
Aug 3, 2021
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Seed 10.3% 150M
Private Sale 12.02% 175M
Public 8.67% 126,250M
Content Funding 17.17% 250M
Rewards/Reserve 24.03% 350M
Development 4.81% 70M
Hosting 3.43% 50Mr
Team 11.33% 165M
Marketing 7.21% 150M
Liquidity 1.03% 15M
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Vabble Limited (LLC)
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British Virgin Islands
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May 5, 2021
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Yes , from Jul 26, 2021 till Jul 29, 2021


1. Production Revenue
We define an economy as the production and consumption of services and the supply of digital currency. Each user who
joins Vabble to consume content will be rewarded with VAB, Vabble’s native cryptocurrency, each anniversary day of their
original sign up, every month, once their monthly subscription is paid.
When a user consumes content on Vabble, their reward is automatically deducted from their wallet and delivered to the
content owner, a strictly P2P transaction. Rewards are automatically deducted every ¼ of the total duration of a piece of
content allowing the user flexibility for change of mind. This also creates a competitive landscape for the production

Given Vabble is quality over quantity content library, library additions will come in limited volume providing production
studios with more potential viewers v.s a vastly populated library further diluting potential viewers.

2. NFT
Another means of revenue for production studios is the release and sale of limited edition NFTs which may come in form
of digitally autographed images from casts, NFT tickets to access live AMA sessions, pre-screenings, and live streams
from the set. It is expected that 20% of viewers will purchase an NFT for whatever tradable value given by the production

3. Production Launchpad
The production launchpad solves the problem of writers and directors having to edit scripts in order to receive funding and
representation from corporate Venture Capitalist Firms and large-scale production studios. It also acts as a vehicle for
single entities to become involved in film. If funding is secured by a throng of people rather than a singular central entity/s,
a decentralized funding source, less control of the script is given to any single hand thus allowing the writer or director to
remain in control of the script, narrative, and storyboard.
Production launchpad is a low-cost and reliable solution to secure production funding. It will enable creatives to receive
funding for productions through a blockchain-powered crowdfunding platform and also enable issuers (creatives) of the
production to set rewards in return for participation in their production funding round.
For participation in the funding of production on the launchpad, users may stake Vab. Once Vab is staked, the user may
invest in a single funding round. If the user wants to invest in more launchpads, a second, third, fourth, and so on, a stake
must be made. Each new stake is a “ticket” to more production launchpads. As the user's total staked Vab increases, so
too will their rewards. The default staking period is 30 days with a reward equal to the total staked.

Rewards set forth by the production launchpad applicant may come in various forms such as Limited Edition NFTs and
reward sharing. If reward sharing, a treasury smart contract will be enabled. The treasury smart contract will compile a list
of all investor addresses in the funding round. Once the production is released on Vabble, we will call the revenue-bearing smart contract of the production and request x% of revenue as rewards which will be delivered to the treasury
contract and issued to the compiled list of funding participants.
How many rewards are shared between a production owner and funding participants is set during the launchpad
application process. The figure set during the application process is set in both the treasury and revenue-bearing smart
contracts. When the oracle calls for reward share, it will check to ensure both smart contracts agree to precisely the same
percentage of reward from revenue.

4. Content Governance
Once content is vetted by Vabble Film Board for production quality assurance which provides a quality level of content
users should expect on Vabble, some content will be delivered to Vabbles governance portal where users may vote on
whether the content is pushed to our library for consumption or not.
In doing so, we provide users the power to veto content they would rather not have on Vabble, creating a decentralized
content screening process removing control from Vabble.
Similarly, some applications for the Production Launchpad are also delivered to the governance portal for voting prior to
being accepted for production launchpad.
For users to participate in content governance, the stake of Vab is required. Rewards for participation are the same as those
in Production Launchpad. Vabbles governance is a POG (proof of governance) mechanic meaning rewards are distributed
ONLY in the event of a user's participation in governance. If no vote is made by the user within a 30 day period, no
rewards are distributed.

For content to make it through the governance layer and be populated in Vabbles library for consumption, the content
must receive 51% of votes in favor (Positive Vote). If content receives 49% or less (negative vote), the content is removed
from governance and a notification is delivered to the content owner.

5. Backend Film Earnings & Guaranteed Airtime
Backend Film Earnings (BFE) and Guaranteed Airtime on Vabble will be automated through smart contracts. Smart
contracts are activated upon production upload to Vabble.
When a production is to be published in our library, prerequisites must be filled out. These prerequisites are:
For Backend Film Earning (BFE) Smart Contract:
Provide a payee Address.
Provide Activation Point (When X Revenue = Y, make payable Z% of revenue to payee).
If termination = date | capped revenue share please provide.
BFE smart contract communicates with the revenue-bearing smart contract as means to retrieve revenue share for the payee.

Guaranteed Airtime
Prior to production filming, most if not all productions will be predetermined for listing on Vabbles library. In this case, we will
be offering an option to cast members and production studios to invoke a guaranteed airtime smart contract. If it is the
case where the production has received funding from Vabble via internal or production launchpad, guaranteed airtime
smart contracts are a non-negotiable condition and must be implemented for the betterment of cast members.
A breach of Airtime Smart Contracts invokes a penalty on production studios of 25% of revenue generated on Vabble of
which 20% is made payable to talent while a further 5% is made payable to Vabble production funding treasury and will be
reinvested back into other productions. If a penalty should be activated, it will be activated for 6 months. At the end of the
6-month period payments are issued to cast members and Vabble and the penalty is revoked.
Penalties are activated in the event a cast member does not receive contracted Airtime. A cast member must make a
request for penalty redemption. During application, the cast member must provide:

● Vab address
● Cast Member Name
● Expected Airtime (x Mins)

Once the activation request is received post penalty application, the penalty application is delivered to a separate
governance portal by where users validate the request. This is completed by the user reviewing the content to see if the
cast member did not receive Airtime in the final production release. Similar to content governance, if the application
receives a positive vote, the result activates the penalty. If the application receives a negative vote, the application is

6. Conclusion
We have proposed a system that provides a number of entities with more control over their own and the necessary need
for blockchain to be used in the film industry.
For writers, directors, and producers, may secure funding without the need to onboard corporate VCs and give up
creative freedom over their scripts and artistic abilities through production launchpad along with generating high levels of
revenue via Vabble economy. For users, we provide control over the content they are delivered on Vabbles library, and
for talent, we provide the comfort of higher earnings and airtime in productions. To solve all of the above, we proposed a
network supported by blockchain smart contracts, VAB a cryptocurrency, and many layers of P2P transactions and user
governance. This type of network is what many call Web3, meaning, an app that allows anyone to participate and hold power in decisions over the direction of the app and services within the app rather than a single entity in control of the

Technical Info

We've split out the platform into multiple microservices and are going to get a very good product with a great user experience. While we start to onboard users, and producers, and get the ecosystem running we will be developing in parallel moving these microservices into the blockchain. Like James has said, we've met with ICP and Solana teams, and have really good discussions of how we could build Vabble natively on these chains.


We'll be using the right tools for the job, and today that looks like we'll use Angular for the front end, and graphql as the communication channel between our microservices that can range from C#, NodeJS, to C++, and utilize each of these tools for the specific purpose.

Vabble Roadmap

  • Q2-Q3 2021

  • Seed, Private, Public sales
    Private Access for Early Backers
    Marketing Campaign
    Uniswap Listing
  • Q4 2021 - Q1 2022

  • Continued platform testing
    $VAB integration
    Co-watching deployment
    First Vabble funded Original movie/doc
    Alpha testing
  • Q2 - Q4 2022

  • Beta Live
    Revenue system deployment
    NFT Marketplace
  • Q1 - Q3 2023

  • Vabble production launchpad
    Takeaway integration
    Funded movies, series, docs release
  • Read More
  • Q4 2023 - Q2 2024

  • Hosting decentralization
    Content Voting
    Show times
    Full launch


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Michael Ellis
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the COO & Co-Founder of Vabble, I am involved in the everyday running of the company along with my Co-Founders and the rest of our team.
What do you think about idea?
Vabble is the future of streaming home entertainment, I am super proud to be involved with such a great team and project. We can't wait to show everyone our vision.

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