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Ampleforth is a censorship-resistant asset with a unique volatility footprint, the AMPL coin will have a stable price, but not a stable quantity comparing to other cryptocurrencies.
In more simple words, AMPL is a currency that has more similarities with national currencies than stocks or cryptocurrencies. AMPL can be issued or swallowed up depending on demand/supply equilibrium. Ampleforth is interesting because following launch, the Ampleforth asset (AMPL) may trade with a movement pattern distinct from existing assets today, and could be uncorrelated with today’s cryptocurrencies as well as other asset groups, like stocks and bonds. This is noteworthy, because today’s digital assets are highly correlated, and an uncorrelated asset can reduce risk, increase returns, and allow more sophisticated investors to enter the space.
Ampleforth has an ALL-STARS team, previously worked for top-tier companies like Google, Uber, PwC and studied in prominent universities. Advisory board is even more outstanding: Sam Lessin (ex-VP at Facebook, Co-founder at Fin), Joey Krug (Augur, Pantera Capital), Noah Jessop (Technology entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley) and others. 
The project has an impressive list of an angel and early-stage investors: True Ventures, Nima Capital, Slow Ventures, Pantera Capital, FBG Capital, Spartan Group, Brian Armstrong, Founder Collective, DHVC.
Ampleforth will be the first IEO on EthFinex with the hardcap of $4,900,000 for the public sale. Private Sale (Pre-IEO) investors has a minimum 90-day lockup from TGE (maximum 365-day lockup from TGE).

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The Ampleforth protocol receives exchange-rate information from trusted oracles, and propagates that to holders of its units (Amples) by proportionally increasing or decreasing the number of tokens each individual holds.
Very strong team from Google, Uber, PwC and so on
Backed by CEO of Coinbase and lot's of VC funds. Advisory board includes people from MIT, Stanform, Facebook and Augur. 
First IEO on Ethfinex - ERC-20 DEX of Bitfinex. Last round on 27th of June for just 100k USD and total funds raised are 5 mln USD

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