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Competition in the sphere of scalable dApp-protocols is more severe than in others, so it has to be taken into consideration. The existing blockchains, though not as scalable as Alza might become, still have first- mover advantage and might be better off if they introduce scalability features, such as Lightning network, Sharding, Plasma, State Channels.

Product: Low GItHub activity. Testnet is not available for public and there is no explanation on what the base consensus algorithm will be. PDX aims to create a blockchain for small amd medium-size businesses. However, the team members do not have experience in working with such businesses.

PDX will be building many components to the ecosystem out the gate such as cross-chain interaction with other public blockchains and consortium blockchains, a developer application store, and a built-in decentralized exchange. All of these features will be paid services. Part of the fees will go towards the PDX company which is a for-profit entity, part of it goes to the foundation, and part of it is returned to the community.

There will be only 20% of the tokens available for sale. 80% of the tokens will be reserved by the project. Lenovo Capital investment in PDX can't be validated. The company valuation of $60M seems too high.

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MVP: Yes. Underlying blockchain protocol available: https://bit.ly/2JblJ3g
Team: Yes. Good team with experience at Cisco, Yahoo, Paypal, etc. Reachable.
Usecase: Yes. Token has strong utility on the platform. 
Customer/tester: Not confirmed.
Planning: Seems reasonable.
Hardcap: Not bad for a blockchain with a semi-working product: $12m for 20%.
Terms/spelling: Some issues with spelling/grammar, but nothing we haven’t seen from Chinese projects before. Overall pretty decent, if not technical enough, whitepaper. 

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Market Competitive environment:
Although there are not many competitors right now, the project is hitting the space with well-funded companies, strong teams, and already developed infrastructure.
Non-ICO competitors:
R3 Corda – raised $ 100+ mln from different VCs, during diverse investing rounds, signed more than 100 partnerships;
Hyperledger – the project is patronaged by the Linux Foundation. Corporate and Associate membership ranks swelled to nearly 200;
Direct competitors in the blockchain space:
Aion – raised $ 20M, capitalization – $ 156M, ROI USD - 0,83x;
Wanchain - raised $ 35,9M, capitalization – $ 218,85M, ROI USD - 6,17x;
Blocknet - ICO wasn’t held, capitalization - $ 65M
Cognida – in the stage of preparation to sale, capitalization is not available;
Aergo - in the stage of preparation to sale, capitalization is not available;

Technological advantages:
Possibility to deploy in one-click prefered blockchain or smart contract;
Each party will be incentivized with PDX tokens for the activity on the network;
Support of external blockchains as plug-ins;
PDX tokens ERC20 compliant;
The advantage over Hyperledger Fabric:
With Hyperledger fabric, all channels use the same platform architecture and implementation. Hence, applications with different performance requirements, if not compatible, cannot run within the same Hyperledger consortium blockchain, which significantly limits its adoption in the real world.

The project popularity in the social networks and discussion forums
The project is detected on the radar of the next influencers: MMCrypto, ICO Drops, Lendex, Ian Balina.
Facebook: 3,5k followers, the average number of likes per post is 14, the average number of comments per post is 1, user activity is low.
Twitter: 5k followers, average number of likes per post is 32, average number of retweets per post is 12, average number of comments under the post is 1, user activity is low.
Reddit: 0 followers, there are only 2 posts with almost no discussion, user activity is low.
Telegram): 33,4k members, admins on the Telegram-channel are responding quickly, user activity is high. The discussion is primarily on the Chinese language.

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