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Risks of government influence due to the function of restriction avoidance. Beta is available only for private testing. 

Blockchain enables data encryption and automatic distribution on nodes, sets connections, manages IDs of users and conversations. Smart contracts are generally a service for fair deals. Tokens on balance determine the time of storage, file size and the number of member in a conversation. The product applies its own blockchain developing by the team of 27 developers and ERC-20 tokens are used for conducting the crowdsale. Definitely the blockchain is a competitive edge and is used smart.

Hardcap is 20K ETH resulting into 65-75K ETH of token poll capitalization with 26% token for sale that is close to Kin. Taking into account the current number of users, capitalization per user is much higher. More than half of tokens are held by team and advisors (including the Foundation) that increases the risk of further token price influence on. Target financial estimations are not available. Bonus for early investors is fair and reasonable.

Possible poor focus on project if the team continues to be engaged in projects of Skrumble’s clients Lack of legal specialists.

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ICO Drops

24-Apr. Sergey: Skrumble Network is an interesting project. It becomes more interesting due to the bullish market.
27-Apr. Alexey: Skrumle Network is Medium. It has advantages. But not many people from our team are planning to participate.
Bruce: We will decide depending on the market conditions close to the sale.
Ivan: Partners are good, but we didn`t check them all.
Alexey: I will not participate, I don`t like the sphere.
3-May. Ivan: I don`t participate.
Alexey: I don`t like category: social network. I will not participate. 
Sergey: Social Network does not make big ROI.

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Crypto Briefing

The value proposition offered by the Skrumble Network is not only valid but needed. The pathway to achieving that vision, on the other hand, may not be through blockchain.

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Ian Balina

24-Apr. Anthony DiLorio: He's the guy who has supposedly over a billion dollars in tokens for advising ICOs, John Pulver is advising lots of ICOs as well. And ICOs, they've advised not really doing well to my knowledge.
I think it's similar to Mainframe. This is definitely worth adding to the watchlist.

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Midgard Research

Skrumble Network has outstanding advisors and experienced team. They have already a non-blockchain solution and plan to launch their blockchain-based MVP prior to ICO (28-Apr). The roadmap is too long, Skrumble Network plans to launch Minnet in May 2019.
The idea of a decentralized communication system is not new and they have enough competitors. Hardcap is low (20,000 ETH), and Skrumble has already raised 13,000 ETH.
Skrumble Network received a lot of attention from its bounty program (47000 telegram members), a very public team, and good marketing. Still, we have to wait for them to release their product and provide more information about public ICO.

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