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A new world emerging from shambles
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Somewhere in our UNUVERSE, there is an island filled with the most phenomenal creatures ever known, each more remarkable than the other. It is UNU that represents these creatures through UNU Animal NFTs.

Each NFT carries up to 3 Values, which stand for the animal´s unique characteristics. It is these traits that make each animal different from the other, thus making them valuable in their own way.

As a holder of the NFT you have access to the UNU DAO, giving you the power to CHANGE: change your life and the world as well.

By investing and voting within our community, you have a say over very impactful projects (Causes). So not only will your NFT win you money, but it will also help our earth and its own magical creatures.

We can´t wait to make a change alongside you!


Each of the Unu Animals have Power Values (rarity attributes), that are attached to them – The beauty of their sounds, their kindness or their ability to turn poison into clean water. They are inspired by the animals real world skills. There are 21 different Power Values. Each Animal has a few of them.  Some are Super Rare. They have a purpose, connecting it all – and being one with it all. 

Some of them had so great value, that they became Special Editions (Total 333). They represented a group, had importance in the past or expressed brilliant things for the future. Some filtered water, stored wisdom, songs or gave themselves to others generously, living forever.  Representing their kind in Web3. Giving identity. Enjoying life with vision and creativity.


The Vision

A brave new world is emerging from shambles. All had gone too far and too fast, accelerating to what we would call a human hell without knowing it. The planet as we know it ending.

But what if changing that future can change the NOW?

With powerful partners like Azuki China, Monaco NFT, Ignite Group and other groups joining, the UNU NFT collection sets foot to become the new BlueChip ESG NFT for a better tomorrow.


3333 Animal Kingdom Animals Holders Benefits 3,333 Rare Unique Animals
  • Each holder giver ownership and cooercial usage rights of their NFT(s)
  • Exclusive Access with Voting Right in the UNU - DAO
  • Eligible for UNU Token if NFT is linked with a cause
  • NFT Airdrops for random UNU holders
  • Whitelist Opportunities into popular projects from our partners
  • Holders can receive royalties for their NFT and staking opportunities
  Special Edition Animals (Key Representatives) Benefits Out of which 333 Generation 1 special Edition - Animals (Key Represetatives 1 of 1/Ultra-rare
  • Special Edition holder air-dropped #1 unu Gift NFT
  • VIP Access to UNU repesentative Conserve to Enjoy Land Festival
  • Exclusive merchandise only Edition holders
  • Whitelist gurantee for future UNU projects / UNU Island staking
  • Highest priority of unu CAUSE pairing, NFT + CAUSE = Token
  • Eligible for UNU Token if NFT is linked with a cause


  • A greater CAUSE - THE UNU ISLAND

  • There are many good reasons getting into the UNU DAO. Including community owned land, so that it can produce joy for animals and humans.
    Other Causes, as we all them turn broken land into forests, collecting Carbon Credits or biodiversity. Each cause can be paired to a UNU NFT making the owner of the NFT a profit while doing good.
    ONE ISALND is set to gather the UNU community in a place of unique experience, design and free from the constraints of the past. The UNU Island will be designed and owned by the UNU DAO.
  • The chance to be whitelisted for UNU NFT with full privileges

  • The community whitelisting opportunities will be released soon. To join, please check on the details in our discord:

  • UNU NFT holders will become members of UNU DAO. DAO members validate and vote on “CAUSES” projects / conservation efforts which includes land the DAO will purchase (UNU island, forest etc. are part of them). The DAO also collaborates / funds projects of high profile charities with a common vision. Members have exclusive access to the projects and events / retreats.

  • The UNU DAO will validate and fund / contribute to a number of Causes that the UNU community finds worthwhile supporting. Validated causes will be paired with an NFT and both NFT and CAUSE can receive the UNU Token.
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  • UNU Island (Land)

  • UNU DAO‘s presence is to be felt both in the metaverse and IRL. To give our members a fully immersive experience, UNU will develop the first NFT IRL resort island.

    Facilities and activities on the island will be decided by the members of UNU DAO.


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