Unlimited Network

Unlimited Network

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Unlimited Network is an ever-expanding ecosystem of on-chain products and services developed for the everyday degen.
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About Unlimited Network

To bridge the comfort of CeFi with the unrestrticed accessibility of DeFi, available from the convenience of your wallet.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) evolved due to users' desires to remove themselves from centralized structures and gain full custodial control over their assets and actions. We see the DeFi space as:

- Unrestricted
- Untethered
- Unlimited

Unlimited Network aims to remove unnecessary complexities of CeFi products, bring them into the DeFi ecosystem, and ensure you have the services you want, on the chain you want them.

With Unlimited Network, you can feel the way you felt when you first started trading.

The power of DeFi, connected to your wallet.

Unlimited Network Roadmap

  • 2022

  • Initial Unlimited Leverage Development ✅
    Initial Unlimited Network Announcement ✅
    Initiate UMX/DGN Sacrifice Phase ✅
  • 2023

  • Deployment of Unlimited Leverage V1 Testnet✅
    Peckshield Audit ✅
    Deployment of Private Arbitrum Testnet ✅
    Halborn Audit ✅
    $UWU Pre-Sale
    $UWU Public Sale
    $UWU TGE and Staking
    Unlimited Leverage Arbitrum Mainnet
    Unlimited Leverage White-Labels
    Unlimited Leverage Multichain Expansion
    Permisionless Synthetic Leverage Trading Development
  • 2024

  • DeFi Protocol Incubation
    Further White-Label Integrations

Unlimited Network Last News

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