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Ucoin Cash

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A breakthrough digital solution related to money transaction. Ucoin Cash is a kind of digital cash that you can use to make your payment or any money transaction whenever and wherever you travel. By using Ucoin Cash, your e-commerce business, private payments, your online business, your retail store can speed up the money transaction with both clients and suppliers, which promises to open avenues to saving you money and even boosting your business growth. Trust Ucoin Cash and start using our secure open-source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world right now.
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Nov 15, 2017
Dec 12, 2017
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About Ucoin Cash

Ucoin Cash is an advanced solution which could allow users access to a simpler, safer and faster transaction method. People from all walks of life can take advantage of Ucoin cash for their own sake. Ucoin Cash provides users with a global fastest money transaction yet absolutely safe and with lowest fee. You can use Ucoin Cash, of course, to transfer money, to purchase and sell goods and services world wide, with lowest fee and within seconds.  

No more red tape and no more annoying bank procedures. Ucoin cash allow you access the most user-friendly application, especially payment transaction via apps for smart phones.

Ucoin Cash is a peer-to-peer electronic monetary system based on cryptography like Bitcoin yet unlike Bitcoin. It exhibits properties similar to physical currencies (such as dollars or coins), however what makes it distinct is that it allows for instantaneous transactions and borderless transfer-of-ownership. 

As all the payments are processed through secured servers, so that users no need to worry about any risk involved, it is the most userfriendly system that allows your trust and control over it. Our system is vastly superior to existing systems with the ability to protect users from all hackers, easy to use but still confirm a legimate transaction. 

Ucoin Cash is accessible and available wherever and whenever you are in need, no limits, no bounderires, which means you can purchase or sell products and services, transfer money to your family and friends at an extremely low cost by an instant confirmation network without any interruption. We also provide you with our debit card system, which can be easily used via your smart phone.

Unlike many other digital cash, Ucoin Cash is designed to not only become an digital currency that can meet the highest advanced technology standards but also become the most user friendly digital cash and can be easily used by anyone.

Ucoin Cash Roadmap

  • 2017

    UCOINCASH exchange local
    UCOINCASH Lending Program
    Block explorer website
    UCOINCASH Windows wallet
    List on Coin Directory - Coinmarketcap
  • 2018

  • Linux, Mac desktop wallet
    UCOINCASH on other exchange
    Official mining pool
    Community UCOINCASH Establishing a community supporting, believing and standing by UCOINCASH
    Improve website features
    Android App - wallet
    IOS App - wallet
    Financing for international Blockchain technology events
    Investing in start-ups researching and developing solutions/ideas based on Blockchain technology
    Debit Card
  • 2019

  • Establishing payment options for business to business, business to customer


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