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TYPY is a project that gives all users the pleasure and value of creating words and sentences by converting consonants and vowels of the phonetic character"Hangeul"
that can represent all sounds in the world to NFT.
To be announced
Additional Details
Platform, Art

TYPY NFT Roadmap


  • ⁃ 1st edition (font) minting – 격동고딕
    ⁃ Assembly user guide to be published (Alpha only)
    ⁃ Alpha Assembly trial – (Composition & Decomposition trial on web)
    ⁃ Integration with Polygon Ecosystem
    ⁃ Integration with Opensea (compatible with Ethereum and polygon)

  • ⁃ Alpha Assembly launch – (features on Blockchain)
    ⁃ The first batch of benefits distribution – Unique words only
    ⁃ New features to be added on Assembly – Set item
    ⁃ 2nd edition (font) minting – TBD
  • WEB 3.0

  • ⁃ Integration with Web 3.0 solution for Socialfi trial 1.0 (Beta only)
    ⁃ Integration with a dedicated wallet for Socialfi 2.0
    ⁃ Official launch of Assembly with full features (ERC-721 and ERC-1155)
    ⁃ NFT Cross-chain bridge beta (Ethereum – Polygon)

  • ⁃ Marketplace for typography – TBD
    ⁃ Integration with major Social Network Service with NFTed profile intro

TYPY NFT Last News

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