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Web 3.0 media platform for rewarding content creators as a source of truth. TruthLink - the first inforamtion security tool.
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About TruthLink

Introducing TruthLink

TruthLink is a social token with a limited supply of 100,000,000 tokens.

 TruthLink  was founded by a small group of enthusiasts with software engineering and media backgrounds.

​​The mission of our team is to clean up the information environment and make fundamental changes in the work of the global media by creating a new web 3.0 platform that the open web needs.

ABOUT PROJECT    Problem describing

The media industry doesn’t stand aside from technological progress. In the 21st century, news have became the most widely consumed and easily produced product.

 Since news production is focused not on sensations and usefulness but on the quantity of publications/per day, 96% of publishers promote useless junk, paid content or lobby the interests of large enterprises and governments.

In other words representatives of Media are  focused on their own income and have stopped following their professional reputation continuing to produce a huge amount of content in order to be on marquee.

​Sometimes it's almost innocuous manipulation, but what's much worse is when this information vacuum forces people to hate each other, waste their capital or even suffer for a violently imposed ideology or propaganda. So let's face the problem - manipulative media dangerous for humanity.

​The dependence on information is an inevitability of our time, however the average consumer can hardly find and use the correct and useful information in the infinity of unreliable sources.


Development of the DAO-based platform called "InVote" that will allow people to control the purity and reliability of their own and publicly available information through self-moderation without the participation of the site administration or any outside influence. Authors who will publish useful and socially recognized content will receive payments in TruthLink tokens for each useful news.
Thus, the value of the token will consist of the decentralized work of the authors and the factor of popularity of the "InVote" platform which is measure by the number of active readers and voters.

   In the process of mechanism's creating the, we were guided by the fundamental ideology of neutralizing pollution in the field of information consumption and creating a system of fair remuneration to support authors who spread the truth.

The world deserves to know the truth and we have found a solution to how to do it!

  TruthLink is based on Polygon chain leveraging the benefits of the small fee transactions.

 Our token is not a memecoin created for the sake of hype,

TruthLink will be a valid tool against media centralization.

 In a world of political confrontation and financial manipulation, we get the amount of content, but not the quality. By supporting our project, you will become part of an ambitious idea to change the world by taking the first step towards clearing the information field. Each token represents freedom of speech and the right to know the truth which is invaluable.


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