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Created using Figma
Enables support for more powerful off-сhain smart contract computations (like rendering photos or machine learning and artificial intelligence) on the distributed application platform
Risk: Very High
Nov 1, 2017
Dec 1, 2017
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About TrueBit

Secure, scalable, decentralized computation.

TrueBit gives Ethereum smart contracts a computational boost. Don't let Ethereum's gas limit drag your imagination! A novel incentive structure guarantees fast, reliable, and affordable results without third-party trust.


TrueBit integrates with existing technology. Here's what's in store.

  • A community cloud you can trust. Offer rewards in exchange for computational tasks, or get paid for providing correct solutions.
  • Dogether. Add smart contract functionality to your cryptocurrency, or trade its tokens without an exchange.
  • Scalable "on-chain" storage. Store data on Swarm or an external blockchain, and then use it as input for smart contracts.
  • Increase transaction throughput. Build your own cryptocurrency with high transaction volume.
  • Interact with miners like never before. Introducing smart contracts that can check any proof-of-work.
  • Decentralized streaming video via Livepeer.
  • Autonomous machine learning including the ArtDAO and vision-enabled smart contracts.
  • Democratic Hypercatallaxy, Lexon, Consortium Chains, and other Mind-blowing combos.


- Using the TrueBit project, smart contract can actually ask external programs to execute routines for them in a trustless manner
- The verification game: a user can request a solution to a computational task or puzzle, and anyone can solve it in exchange for a reward
- The Golem Project, already cites TrueBit as a verification mechanism for their forthcoming outsourced computation network




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