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Created using Figma
No life without water, no financial independent freedom without Tritones
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Apr 1, 2018
May 1, 2018
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About Tritones

Tritones Coin is a decentralized self- and crowd-regulated financial payment network created for users that want to be independent from third parties like banks or governments. No middlemen or other institutions are mandatory for processing decentralized blockchains and the blockchain revolution. Crypto currencies based on the blockchain technology has been proven to be the ground-breaking technology for humankind. blockchain technology and crypto currencies are in a very early stage like the internet in 1993 so everybody must
jump now on the wave and benefit out of our Tritones Coin. Tritones Coin is here for the people worldwide. This is a crypto currency to change and disrupt the financial world and to serve your financial independence. The Tritones Coin network architecture is not build centrally. It is very convenient and easy to use. Tritones Coins can be sent from A to B within seconds, without any fees. All Tritones Coin transactions are anonymous and every Tritones Coin user can see every transaction within the blockchain, but of course anonymously. Every computer in the peer-to peer network has equal rights to work on the network which is called “peer”. Each computer will operate as a client but in the same time also as a server. That depends on the amount of users. The number of Tritones Coins is limited to the maximum amount of 25 million coins forever. That causes a guaranteed deflation of the Tritones Coin. In times of hacking our security and software engineers use the latest security tools to protect the whole Tritones Coin infrastructure. Besides that it is impossible to hack every decentralized computer of every Tritones user at the same time. That’s why Tritones Coin is a save and independent crypto currency.


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