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About Triassic

The Play2Earn protocol that will revolutionize DeFi For months, many projects claiming to be Node as a service (Naas) projects have been born, and for many of them have died out in just a few weeks.   We have analyzed all these projects to get the best out of them, while bringing what was missing: GameFi. Our main concern is the sustainability of the project. To achieve this, we have chosen to adopt a Play2Earn model, which will allow us to combine utility, rewards and fun. Our goal is to last over time, and to propose a protocol that will evolve over the months to become more and more complete. To join the Triassic adventure you will have to buy a dinosaur as an NFT. For the first version of Triassic Game, there are 4 types of dinosaurs available: velociraptor, triceratops, diplodocus, t-rex. Each dinosaur will have different statistics. To get a dinosaur, you will have the choice between two options:
  •   Mint: buy an egg that will bring out a unique NFT: each dinosaur created has different statistics. Indeed, to classify the rarity of NFTs there are 4 variables: common, rare, epic, legendary. Each variable allows to have parameters more or less high. In order to make each NFT unique, no two have the same yield. The higher the variable is, the more likely you are to get good stats on your dinosaur when minting. In addition to the yield parameter existing on each NFT, another one is to be taken into account: the life span. Each NFT has a unique life bar, which is determined over time. The rarer the NFT belongs to a category, the more likely it is to have a good life span. When the lifespan is too low, the dinosaur becomes less productive and must be repaired using dinocoins.
  •   Market: there is a "Dino Market" where every NFT owner can sell his dinosaur. People who don't want to depend on a luck factor when opening a dinosaur egg can go there, and choose the dinosaur that suits them, by selecting the parameters of the Dino that suits them the most.

Triassic Roadmap

  • Q2 - 2022 :

  • Putting the website online
    Writing of the whitepaper
    Multisig with PolarGuardian
    Presale via our DAPP
    Beta Public
    Arrival of the first influencers
  • Q3 - 2022:

  • Launch of the V1 "Resurrection"
    2 New Dinosaurs
    Beggining of the "DinoVerse"
    Stacking protocol replaced by a Lending protocol
    Dinosaur eggs become NFTs, tradeable and sellable.
    Dinosaur Burn
    Dinosaur incubation system
    Redesign of the website
  • Q4 - 2022:

  • 2 New Dinosaurs
    Ranking system
    PvP Major Update
    Ranking system
    Quest system
    Development of the Triassic mobile application


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