Travelflex Coin

Travelflex Coin

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
A next generation cryptocurrency and decentralized coin that makes traveling easier.
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Dec 14, 2017
Jan 12, 2018
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About Travelflex Coin

New DAG tech based cryptocurrency, decentralized social travel network and payment system. Travelflex is a new cryptocurrency that is aiming to solve the scalability issues that other coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum, are facing at the moment. By using a complete new DAG based algorithm Travelflex isn’t just a simple clone or a token. The block speed, for example, is 1 block per second, compared to 1 block per 10 min for Bitcoin.


  • Super-fast transactions worldwide and a proper block size (0.5 TRF per second). ‍
  • Physical Travelflex card (usable as a credit/ATM card). ‍
  • Mobile nodes to keep the network decentralized and faster. ‍
  • Direct, 100% secure and decentralized chat from wallet to wallet (peer to peer). 
  • ‍Connect to your favorite social media and add your friends to your friendlist. ‍
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) to see who uses Travelflex around you. ‍
  • A true ASIC resistant decentralized mining Proof-of-Work (POW) coin. GPU mining. ‍
  • Escrow service over the network. 
  • ‍Giving back to charities through mining. 
  • ‍24/7 support.
  • Modern printable Travelflex cheques.

Technical Info

Starting on Travelfl ex scrypt, will be converted to a DAG based Algorithm

Travelflex Coin Roadmap

  • Q4 2016

  • The initial idea popped up in the visionary mind of the founder. The creation of a new cryptocurrency and related secured services and dedicated to the travel industry, imposed itself as a disruptive and haunting idea.
  • Q1 2017

  • Two cryptocurrency enthusiasts joined the founder and began setting up a team behind the Travelflex concept.
  • Q2 2017

  • An initial team had been gathered for the project and the concept was being outlined. Experts started to develop a beta version of the mobile application on both Android and iOS platform. The chat function was being tested and updated until it succesfully worked.
  • Q3 2017

  • The decision to base the company in Hong Kong was made. To be in the heart of one of the most dynamic markets in Asia-Pacific. Legal matters and financial transactions are being secured. The Travelflex logo and trademark are registered.
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  • Q4 2017

  • Travelflex is setting up for the Initial Coin Offering. Final testing of the beta version of the mobile application is completed. The live chat team is ready to answer all your questions.
  • ICO

  • Worldwide launching of the Travelflex Initial Coin Offering. There will be 95,000,000 coins for sale, 5,000,000 coins will go to the Travelflex Bounty program. Unsold coins will be burned with proof of burning.
  • Q1 2018

  • Mining the TRF coin starts. The development of Travelflex cheques and cards is still in progress. Travelflex will be listing TRF on all major exchanges for trading purposes.
  • Q2 2018

  • Printable cheques are available. Establishment of partnerships with leaders in the travel industries, to allow the Travelflex community to use their TRF in their transactions through booking services, airline companies and hotelchains.
  • Q3 2018

  • The Travelflex card is released and usable at ATMs. Loyalty programs are being developed. Partnerships with GDS industries will be initiated to allow more users to benefit from Travelflex services.
  • Q4 2018

  • The Travelflex card should be working as planned and will be accepted at more and more points.
  • Q1 2019

  • Travelflex continues to develop new relations with partners. This to give the coin more acceptance and use for the holders. The support team is still there for helping out when needed.
  • Q2 2019

  • The team will keep working on the existing applications. New ideas might have been born and in development. By this time, the cryptocurrency industry might become regulated and Travelflex is prepared with funds and lawyers if necessary to keep TRF 100% functional within the existing regulations. This holds the same for if special requirements are needed before this time.


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Travelflex Coin Team

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Peter Hoogslag
Bing Hayashi
Marcel Hoogslag
Alex Putzolu
Yosui Kitahara
Andy Acataldi
Steve Baker
Tineke Dekker
Pavel Capote
Tukta Sangkham
Kittiya Prommao
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Travelflex Coin Reviews
ICO review website

As TravelFlex does not focus on any particular region, it might be hard for them to yield significant growth rates. Also, the industry of international payments is considered as highly competitive with low barriers to entry. There are players ranging from IT-Startups (TenX, CryptoPay, Monaco) to traditional banks and payment systems (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard). Moreover, there are already several competitors in the area of crypto international payments with existing products available for customers (TenX). The competitive advantages over digital banks (Monzo, Revolut) is not clear and thus cannot be proved. According to Gartner Report, replacing an existing near-real-time payment solution with a blockchain-based one will deliver little intrinsic benefit and it will not lead to significant shifts in the industry.

The roadmap is not clearly given in WP. The provided product development description only highlights the stages and is not detailed. All of the additional services, such as the Travelflex wallet, the Travelflex cheques, and Travelflex cards, not ready and are only expected to be developed in 1Q 2018 and will start to release only from 2Q 2018. The switch to a new algorithm in 4Q 2018 should be carefully planned as it will cause all of the existing coins to be replaced by the new ones and might have negative outcomes for the clients. The rationale behind this switch is not given. The given product line seems complicated and the convenience of use-cases is arguable: printed cheque, plastic card. Currently, they do not have agreements with global payment systems therefore the expansion might not be feasible. The main product focus is not clear. Travelflex aims to create a tool for interntational travel payments with built-in social network and issuance of physical cards and cheques. The rationale behind this approach cannot be seen and might significantly affect the product growth. What is more, Travelflex aims to expand its services globally but does not focus on any particular markets.

The exact fee level and calculation approach for travel cheques usage is not given in WP. Therefore, the commercial viability of the product is not clear. The team does not clarify the fee structure for the card. Again, the commercial viability of the product is not clear. Overall, the business model is not given in a structured way and cannot be understood from WP. The Hard Cap valuation of Travelflex is $30M and is 4X larger than the median US software companies seed stage post-money valuation. Currently, there are no agreements with exchanges to list TRF coins. Travelflex does not provide any financial forecasts or assumptions for their growth.

The CEO’s experience cannot be verified using Linkedin. According to his profile, he does not have any previous experience prior to Travelflex. Neither Head’s of Engineering nor VP’s of Finance pages - Bing Hayashi and Marcel Hoogslaf – do not exist on LinkedIn. Blockchain Developer’s experience cannot be verified using Linkedin because his page is not available there. What is more, it is not clear where each team member is located. That is why robust development of the project might be at risk.


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