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Our production line will process and produce goods without the formation of new wastes, and similar processing will save the whole region from garbage dumps and incineration plants. We conduct lectures, train people in selective gathering, help public organizations, together with other organizations conduct mass subbotniks, we submit initiatives to the government to change the environment. Also, we create our press service for coordinating all ecological communities in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries so that the information is in one register and anyone could read and see the chronology of events. Recycling is a profitable business with the least risk. Plans to recycle 700,000 tons of waste per year, which will bring $ 0.3 billion and 60 million liters of diesel fuel from catalytic cracking. Also the whole plant will be on energy self-sufficiency, it also plans to build a mining area and all the funds, every month, they will buy out our tokens.
May 1, 2018
May 31, 2018
100% completed
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Goal 170 000.00 USD
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Apr 1, 2018
Apr 30, 2018
100% completed
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Goal 25 000.00 USD
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About Trashdation

The concept was developed and a business model was created based on this concept. A team of promising young people interested in the project has been formed. Collected initial reviews of the project from users and investors. The ICO is scheduled to run on March 31, 2018. Great work has been done in the design and planning of the project’s economy and the token in particular. The new White Paper is written with a reference to detailed information about each stage of the project. Preliminary conditions of work with partner companies are worked out and established. The theme of renewable energy sources is becoming more and more urgent every year. We can give the trash a second life. Blockchain and your investments give us a chance to prove ourselves, and we promise to fully justify this opportunity. Many environmental problems are caused by environmental pollution. We live on earth, and sooner or later it touches everyone.

Trashdation Roadmap

  • 1 stage

  • Expenses during the first stage include: organization of the legal entity with the authorized capital.
    Payment of the state fee and obtaining a license for the activities on collection, transportation, processing, utilization, disposal, disposal of wastes of the I-IV classes of danger.
    Adding our token to the stock exchange, with the ability to enter/withdraw funds in the form of fiat money.
    Selection and admission to the staff of the driver-forwarder with his transport. Remuneration of the driver-freight forwarder with piecework wages. Pay the work of sales managers who find customers and conclude a contract with companies. Costs of purchasing waste from partner companies. Conclusion of legal agreements with companies processinging rubbish, as well as conclusion of agreements with partner companies on selective waste disposal.
  • 2 stage

  • During the second phase, it is planned to create an economic system. Create a sales department. Provision of selective waste collection with the help of partner companies, reception points and separate waste bins. Conclusion of agreements with the Criminal Code and HOA for collection, removal of MSW.
  • 3 stage

  • When Soft Cap’a is reached, the funds will go to: renting a room to accommodate the processing equipment. well as creation of working conditions for workers at the processing plant. Hiring employees to work in the enterprise. Loaders, Fasovshhiki, operator-operator of production tape. Purchase of equipment (conveyor, sorter, crusher, separator) for processing of plastic, MSW and other types of waste.
  • 4 stage

  • Hard Cap will go on: purchase of more equipment for processing of plastic, waste paper, rubber, glass, lithium-ion batteries. Rental of premises for mining farm.
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  • 5 stage

  • At this stage we: completely exclude the burial of production waste up to 0.01% of the main volume. We will build a production facility on the basis of which our complex is located. Increase of production line for full cycle of waste processing and destruction by catalytic cracking for production of diesel fuel from residual waste. Our complex will produce diesel fuel to provide electricity for our complex, also diesel fuel will provide our freight transport. After collecting the whole amount, destroy unused tokens, thereby increasing their value.



Trashdation Team

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Nesmeyanov Kirill
Project Designer
Artem Urazgildeev
head of the press serviceслужба
Holnov Igor
Sarkisyan Daniil
Glushenko Maxim
Krasikov Maxim
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