Trailer Park Tramps

Trailer Park Tramps

Created using Figma
Trailer Park Tramps is a collection of 4200 randomly generated NFTs focused on art, utility and providing value to NFT HODLers.
May 18, 2022
May 19, 2022
100% completed
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About Trailer Park Tramps

There is a storm coming.  These sexy fun-loving women are ready to party in the Metaverse and beyond!  While building this collection, we focused on the art, utility and providing value to NFT holders.


THE ART:  Charly is a professional tattoo artist that decided to apply her skills to the NFT world.  Be on the lookout for a special t-shirt featuring a tattoo designed by Charly.


UTILITY & VALUE:  In addition to the art, today's most exciting NFT collections offer utility and Trailer Park Tramps is no exception.  We will be giving the girls a Meth Lab Makeover which will result in a unique second collection.  All TPT owners will receive a Meth Lab Makeover NFT absolutely free of charge.  But there's more...


Every Trailer Park Tramp NFT holder will also receive an animated voxel character that bears a resemblance to their TPT (we like to call them Foxy Voxy's).   We fully expect these characters to become playable avatars in the coming months.  But wait...


The girls are going to need a hangout and we've got that covered as well.  Soon after the mint, we will acquire and develop a piece of "land" in the metaverse where the girls can gather to have some fun and meet others with similar interests.  But one land is not enough to contain our girls so we will acquire land on multiple platforms.


Finally, as the girls are the first collection being offered by Trailer Park Titans, Tramp holders will automatically be Whitelisted on all future collections.


Not only are we offering cool artwork , utility and value but we are planning big things for the future.  We hope you will join us on this journey – it is going to be epic!  


We respect your investment in our art, vision and community and want to truly give you something of value.  We priced Trailer Park Tramps with that in mind.  For those that get onboard early and help us to spread the word, we are offering a Presale discount.  For those that take a little longer to learn about our collection, we are sure you will appreciate that we kept our Public Mint price below 1 SOL.

Trailer Park Tramps Roadmap

  • 2021 The Idea

  • Come up with a fun NFT concept that offers quality art, utility and value to owners.
  • 1ST QUARTER 2022 Turning the Idea into Reality

  • Draw the main character and attributes.
    Generate the collection.
    Create the website, discord & twitter pages.
    Begin marketing campaign.
    Set the launch date.
  • 2ND QUARTER 2022 The Launch

  • Launch the Trailer Park Tramps collection.

    Purchase and develop first piece of "land" in the Metaverse.
    Make a charitable contribution to help those affected by natural disasters.
    Create the spinoff collection - Meth Lab Makeovers.
    Consult with community on future ideas.
    Launch Meth Lab Makeovers NFT.
  • 3RD QUARTER 2022 Creating Value For Holders

  • Continue working to create value for the community.

    Begin distributing the animated Foxy Voxy's to TPT holders. Enjoy as they explore and play in the Metaverse.
    Expand to additional platforms in the Metaverse.
    Introduce the Trailer Park Tools & Trailer Park Taters (picture kids with mullets).
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  • 4TH QUARTER AND BEYOND The Sky's the Limit

  • Collaboration between the team and community to build upon our solid foundation.

Trailer Park Tramps Last News

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