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About Torus

Targeting Mainstream Users

Although blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies offer many advantages and opportunities, mainstream adoption is still relatively low.

In particular, user experience for key management is still poor, and requires adoption of an entirely new set of tools and interfaces. Torus allows users to use their social identities (eg. Google) to derive private keys in a trustless manner, making it easy for new users to seamlessly use existing blockchain applications.


Trustless Key Distribution

Safe & Secure

Private keys are derived from their social identities using Torus' distributed key generation protocol. Each node generates a piece of your private key, which are combined and held by you locally.

Seamless Integration

Instant Application

Developers only need to include our embedded web3 script into their website to start using Torus today, allowing dApps to reach a greater range of users.

A Credible Ecosystem

Trusted Identities

By integrating existing online social identities, Torus allows users to interact with applications in a more meaningul and trusted manner.

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