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Blockchain Based Secure Mobile Calls and Internet. This is a SIM-card based solution that works with any GSM phone/smartphone. One need not to download an app or stay online in order to use most of the features. All the controlling goes with USSD-commands.
Risk: Very High
Dec 12, 2017
Dec 31, 2017
100% completed
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We are glad to introduce a completely new solution for local and international calls including limitless roaming. TOR-Q-ALL was designed to make you unchained to local operators and big brother. Remain yourself on the phone without fear of being monitored and tracked down by anyone, and be sure of pricing when surfing the internet during your vacation at country-side or abroad. Our services have been in operations for almost a year within the Eastern Europe countries.


Secured communication - Private communications were not meant to be subject to surveillance, rather it was designed to make one's life
Easier: to share information, to communicate with each other, to remain oneself.
Borderless communication - Unlimited calls and moderate pricing for secured (VPN) internet connection of just USD 30/1 Gb.
Anonymity - TOR-Q-ALL provides numerous features in order to secure your calls, inter alia, an option to choose call services provider, change your voice, setup your caller's I.D. and make/receive calls a resident of London or New York, or any other place. All incoming calls are routed as VPN-calls.
Onion routing -In order to cover tracks all local outgoing calls are routed first to another country, where it is lost due to our tor-alike technology, and eventually the call is returned back. And all of these in a snap of a finger.

Technical Info

Technical details:  Ethereum erc20 standard token. The source code:  The code of the product is not available. Proof of developer:  Anonimity


  • Nov 2017

  • Specification
  • Dec 2017

  • - Website
    - Initial coin offering
    - Web wallet
  • Jan 2018

  • Start lending program
  • Feb 2018

  • - Exchange
    - Listing on coin market
    - Security improvements
  • Read More
  • Mar 2018

  • - iOS / Android wallet launch
  • May 2018

  • System upgrade
  • Sep 2018

  • - Contract with banks
    - Consult with gold traders


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