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The first marketplace and metaverse platform for the music and entertainment industry.
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Topdj is the leading music platform for DJs in metaverse. Discover everything about DJs in NFT, not limited to music, pictures, moments, and merchandise. Topdj ecosystem covers NFT mystery boxes, NFT marketplace, and VR music festivals, metaverse, etc. Enjoy the world's top DJ's digital assets platform. Roadmap

  • Dec-2021

  • Project Planning;

    Web design;

    Membership NFT Design;

    Roadmap reveabled.
  • Jan-2022

  • Community build up;

    Launching Market Campaign on Social Media;

    Smart contract development.
  • Feb-2022

  • AMAs;

    Whitelist releasing (Giveaways , Creative Art Contest);

    Offline DJ Meetup;

    First season mystery box;

    Buypass Minting start;

    Public Sale Mint;

    Diamond Members;

    Gold Members;

    Elite Members;
  • Mar- 2022

  • DJ NFTs are redeemable for membership
    holders (Elite could redeem one, gold
    could redeem three and diamond could
    redeem five)

    NFT Mystery Boxes could be loot by members
    every season, including DJ’s moment,
    rare music NFTs and WL for Membership Gen2.
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  • Q2 2022

  • Tokens (air drops)

    “Hold to Earn”

    Different level of Membership generate diffirent amount of tokens.

    Second season mystery box

    Marketplace (stage 1) implement;
  • Q3 2022

  • Membership Gen2 relaese;

    Implement of building TOP DJs
    Metaverse on Sandbox

    PFP memberships, the WL can be redeem by
    The genesis Members will get the Gen 2 for free (only pay the gas )
  • Q4 2022

  • More DJs reveal with new NFTs;

    Marketplace (stage 2) implement;

    Merchandises for DJs;

    VR music festival tickets;

    Real music festival tickets;

    DJs private meeting & parties;
  • 2023

  • Top DJ ranking starts

    “Social to earn”

    More and more ways to bring music,
    values and funs to all the members. Last News

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