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TokenLoyalty ICO

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Created using Figma
A decentralized loyalty program and newly constructed ecosystem for customers tired of all those loyalty cards, coupons, codes, as well as universal solution for the businessmen, who want to achieve lead building instead of cost-generating programs based on simple loyalty. Imagine one environment, with one standard for the loyalty campaigns in form of a token, that is trade able and exchangeable for any good and money. It stands for the value itself and core benefits for users (both customers and business).
Token Loyalty
Jan 16, 2018
Jan 30, 2018
100% completed
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Goal 2 700 000.00
Cap 30 000 000.00
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About TokenLoyalty ICO

What is the main problem in the World in terms of loyalty programs and how we will solve it?

The main problem of customers lies in this, that loyalty points aren’t money and are governed through centralized organisms – merchants. The main problem of merchants is that loyalty programs are costs and there is no tool combining marketing gamification schemes with such loyalty scheme.

Our solution:

Decentralization – anyone can be the merchant and customer at the same time! Only users decide where to participate


Points are token, token is money - Decentralized network of the token gives opportunities to cash-out the way you want


Pay per lead for merchants - Any ecosystem user may be the Overlay user

-          Decentralization of the ecosystem (Merchants will have to attract the users of the ecosystem to join campaigns, while ecosystem users have free will to join in. Also any customer may be in the position of a merchant, building own campaigns).

Decentralization gives opportunity to be in a position of both sides. Anyone can use tokens to build an Overlay on the basis of LOYAL (TOKENLOYALTY.IO) token or use our project to make own campaigns in the Overlay. The advantage of our Overlay is that It will aggregate merchants into one ecosystem. This is very important because of the behavior of customers as loyalty program users and merchants, who want to operate freely – either in ecosystem (SMEs) or individually, which is very often used in corporations.

As our study shows in group of loyalty program users, main problem is that any effort they make to collect points (and that effort is even to use 2-3 clicks in the application) must be granted with “prize”. We have made a simulation of effort and people divide into several groups, however there are common things like “money, prize”.

We have made a PAPI on selected respondents: group under 25 years old and a group above 30 years old. This study was made in June and July. Group <25 N=8/ Group>30 N=17

-          Points are token, token is money. Our study showed that for one of the groups (major one) basic functionality will be to collect money and have ability to realize them in partner network of shops, services etc. HOWEVER, if the effort is granted with good prize, they are changing into aggressive lead generating officers based on social mechanism. This is based on activation of users that is based on gamification mechanisms.

-          Pay per lead. For merchants it is very important to have return from the investment. In traditional loyalty programs it is all about costs. For example, points are calculated such way to generate demand on products with highest margin to “get something” from their price and lower the basic costs of the program. But customers are not stupid, as well as they would like to have freedom in collection of points on things they really want to buy. This is why we have thought about an ecosystem where merchants pay per leads (any user active in the campaign is a lead), which is closer to marketing based systems than loyalty programs.

What is the product?

It is a decentralized loyalty program and newly constructed ecosystem for customers tired of all those loyalty cards, coupons, codes, as well as universal solution for the businessmen, who want to achieve lead building instead of cost-generating programs based on simple loyalty.


Chosen benefits


You can be anonymous in loyalty programs.

This ecosystem is decentralized, which means you have the control what you do with the tokens.

Token is the money, independently from loyalty campaigns.

You can exchange token to goods (token as a ticket).

Tokens are always valid.

You can build teams and relations: social trade of tokens plus group purchases or group participations in campaigns.

You can be the merchant making own campaigns or realize campaigns for others (additional profit)


Prepaid = pay per lead

Control over the budget = no entry costs

Modifications of the campaigns

Switch on/off campaign at any time (customers do not lose their tokens)

Social mechanisms create greater propagation (Like ad based on words and social network portal connected together)

Full chain data mining based on blockchain (effects check)

You can be in the position of the customer (as part of the ecosystem, you can engage several campaigns into one, build alliances)

This is related to the idea of connecting interest of customers (mostly decentralization, anonymity and “I want more!”) together with interest of business (“I want to know what I am paying for”) in the centralized model.

We want to build one standard for loyalty programs in form of the token, that has its nominal value (anybody can cash-out of the system) and specially programmed added value (in form of goods, pr actions, etc.).


You decide what you do with your loyalty points!

One global system for loyalty programs and collection of points

One global system for any branch and service

One mobile system to collect loyalty points in form of tokens

Exchange of points in form of tokens in different shops

Discounts for shopping

Payouts into bank accounts or special credit card

Points never get outdated

Anonymous exchange between users

Multiple campaigns to select

You can build own campaigns




Technical Info

We have established cooperation with two crucial partners for the project. Divante has a huge experience in e-commerce solutions, while other company has a great experience in banking software and mobile solutions. Together with our team specialist, we will realize the Overlay for the ecosystem. We have managed to prepare a pre-alpha of the Overlay that will be strongly modified due to assumptions of the whitepaper and customers’ experience.

Admin Panel:
User Panel:
Seller Panel:

Logins and passes will be announced in the closed, Facebook group, on demand. Please, join the group for further info. Registration in the demo version is locked (admin accepted).

TokenLoyalty ICO Roadmap

  • January 2018

  • ICO
  • February 2018

  • Creation of the LYT my life platform
    Definition of MVP to start work with initial partners for implementation
    Alpha version of the platform with initial test, basic functionalities (token integration, points mechanism) Partially done (pre-alpha)
    Beta version of the platform (2-3 initial campaigns), test integrations with payment processors
  • May 2018

  • Release candidate
  • July 2018

  • Final version and further, constant development
    Initial network talks
    Initial network growth
    Initial 2-5 campaigns with AAA class Merchants
  • Read More
  • December 2018

  • Constant progress and scaling


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Grzegorz Sperczyński
Role in the project: CEO
Grzegorz Rutkowski
Role in the project: CMO
Juri Koniwszczyński
Role in the project: CTO
Iwona Sperczyńska
Role in the project: CCO
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TokenLoyalty ICO Reviews

Samson Owiti
Cryptotrader, Crypto investor, Blockchain business expert

TOKEN LOYALTY is a decentralized loyalty platform and a new ecosystem for customers tired of all the loyalty cards, coupons codes as well as universal solution to businessmen who want to achieve lead building instead of cost generating program based on simple loyalty.


  1. The token is tradable and exchangeable for any goods and money
  2. Well integrated mobile application for the project
  3. Easy and safe connection into campaign groups and trade socially
  4. The application of the token never get outdated
  5. Dual responsibility as the investor can decide to be the user at the same time


  1. Fewer management team
  2. The platform doesn’t clearly highlight the token sale
  3. The platform token is not compatible with other crypto currencies


  1. Increase the team involved to improve efficiency of the project
  2. Clearly highlight the token sale and how it has been applied in the past years including the advancements
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Attempts to create one universal loyalty card are periodically made with varying success. Basically, it all ends up at the idea stage and the marketing plan.

At the present time so-called "cashback" systems are being introduced more often, when a person, having registered once in a similar service, and buying in stores cooperating with the service receives a portion of funds spent as a "cash back" after a certain period of time. More stores cooperate with a particular service more clients are interested.

Banks also are widely using such systems returning part of the funds spent when payments for goods or services made with their card. The funds come back to the client's card either in the form of some internal points, or money.

And most important in such systems not to create the system prescribing the rules of use but to promote and attract both the end users and the business, which could implement it.

At this point the undevelopment of this issue by the authors of the project is seen. The process mechanics are so much and detail described but the attention to the issue of promoting of the system and attracting users - customers and businessmen is not paid.

We do not see any special sense to invest into this project. I am sure that such systems will grow rapidly. The main thing here is that the project should be full-fledged in all aspects starting from the idea up to the communication strategy.

And here is just not seen the elaboration of this issue from the authors of the project. So much and detail describe all the mechanics of the process and do not pay attention to the issue of promoting the system, attracting users - customers and businessmen.

To put in this project of sense special we do not see. I am sure that such systems will grow like mushrooms. The main thing here is that the project should be a full-value in all aspects - from the idea to the communication strategy.

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