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Tingo Coin

Africa's first Agricultural VAS-backed blockchain option
Risk: Very High
Aug 7, 2017 — Sep 1, 2017
Goal 30 000 000 USD
Cap 60 000 000 USD
  • From Aug 7, 2017 Till Sep 1, 2017 —
    1 TING
    3.1 USD

Tingo and all its subsidiaries will refrain from soliciting, marketing or otherwise advertising any of the above assets, investments, tokens and systems to any organization, entity or individual in the US. Tingo will actively seek to refrain f rom accepting any kind of investment from US citizens, organizations, corporations or any other entity registered in the US. This ICO is subject to the laws and regulations of Nigeria. Tingo assumes that any investor who decides to invest in this ICO has read this white paper and is aware of the ramifications and consequences of their subsequent investment. Therefore Tingo cannot be held liable under the laws and regulations put forth by the SEC or any other entity in the US.

TingoConnect: An Agriculture Value Added Service application for the agri ecosystem.
The platform is preinstalled on a Tingo Smartphone.
Agricultural VAS: Agricultural Value-added Services
TingoCoin: The token which is issued by the TingoConnect team.
TCN: Currency symbol of Tingocoin token.
Token: Token is a frequently used term in the blockchain industry for data which has some
value. We will use ERC20 type tokens, which are the most widely adopted type of tokens on
the waves platform.
Crowdsale: Crowdsale is used to refer to the sale of tokens on “Internet of Value” by using
a permission less blockchain. It is a global and transparent process, which cannot be modified
neither by the token issuer or the TingoConnect admin.
ICO: In the blockchain world, there are a lot of definitions for the term ICO, but by our
definition, ICO is the time when the issued tokens become transferrable.
USSD: Unstructured Supplementary Service Data or feature codes used for communicating
with service provider computers.
IVR: Interactive Voice Response – automated telephonic system that interacts with callers,
gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipient.
ICT Platform: Hardware and software operating system in which applications can be run.


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Goal: Cap: 0 USD 0 USD ICO: 7 Aug 2017 1 Sep 2017

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