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ThorGuards is a collection of 9,999 NFT characters on the Ethereum Blockchain, inspired by THORChain, Norse mythology, and cyberpunk aesthetics. Each ThorGuard is a completely original combination of hundreds of potential attributes. The collection features truly unique and powerful 3D artwork, and offers holders first-of-its-kind utility.
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About ThorGuards

The gods have protected the Cosmos for thousands of years.

Throughout history, these battles have been waged in violent warfare throughout the Cosmos, but today, a battle of a different kind has emerged on Midgard (aka Earth) - a fight between the common people of Midgard and their powerful, oppressive rulers. These rulers seek to enslave the people, and hoard the world’s wealth and energy for themselves.

Beyond Midgard, across the Cosmos, disparate tribes from disparate worlds have begun building technology and tools to aid in the battle against these oppressive regimes, but so far, these tribes have been fighting independently. They have not yet come together to fight alongside one another as allies in a unified front. Until now.

Today, the ThorGuards are ushering in a new chapter in the fight against the oppressors by bringing together the disparate worlds and tribes of the Cosmos, and organizing them into a single, unified alliance to challenge the oppressive elites.


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