The Tryp

The Tryp

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
A cryptocurrency adventure
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About The Tryp

We will design 42 distinct challenges to feed your inner Gollum.  While we have yet to settle on final numbers, the first 35 or so challenges will require you to own a token with which you will create a challenge account on the site.  A correct answer will reward you with the challenge reward, if there is one, and unlock the next challenge for all who have a token to participate.  Once the Final Stretch threshold is reached (around challenge #35), submitting an answer will consume a token.  So yes, you will eventually need more than one.  To take this to the end, you’ll probably need 10 or so tokens.   The first person to solve a Final Stretch challenge will receive the challenge reward, if there is one, and unlock the next challenge for themselves only.  Bonus, you get to feel superior to all the losers out there.  Tokens currently cost 0.015 Ethereum.

We are presently working on the design of challenges and expect them to be released at a rate of 2-4 per month beginning on July 23rd, 2018.  You will need to use every resource available to you to solve these challenges.  You will not be required to travel or spend any money beyond token purchases and Ethereum transaction fees.

Since this is the blockchain, winners may remain anonymous if they so choose, but will be required to submit a name and shipping address to the GMs in order to receive any minor challenge reward.  This information will only be used for shipping and will be immediately discarded after.

Pre-challenge #1:  How many fictional/non-fictional references can you find on the front page and what are they?  Don’t finish too fast, no one likes that.  Winner will receive a pat on the back.


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