The Transplant Coin

The Transplant Coin

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This unique cryptocurrency is designed to assist transplant recipients with their financial burdens for post care expenses. The Transplant Coin Gifting a Lifetime Experience is meant to raise the bar in charity, eliminate the financial burden of as many transplant recipients as our cryptocurrency can buy, and show the world that a gift is still a gift. The Transplant Coin represents a true gifting community. We expect The Transplant Coin to gift across this nation. Your purchase of The Transplant Coin will excel this initiative to the Moon.
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About The Transplant Coin


Our lives have changed over these last two years with the national Covid-19 pandemic and many lives have been lost and organ donations were down 22%. While in 2019 there was a record number of 39,719 organ transplants performed in the United States, most transplant recipients encounter costly anti-rejection medications, other follow up care expenses, and any remaining medical bills. These costs far exceed their yearly income. According to UNOS, anti-rejection medications alone can exceed $2,500 per month. With that being said, The Transplant Coin gifting a lifetime experience is vital in their success rate.


After a transplant recipient has received the gift of an organ, The Transplant Coin wants to assist in eliminating the out-of-pocket expenses so that focus can be shifted to living with a brighter tomorrow. Each referral will receive a stipend based on their financial need. The Transplant Coin is vested in gifting a lifetime experience with 4% per token purchase to fund our charity.


The Transplant Coin Gifting a Lifetime Experience. The Transplant Coin knows from first-hand experience the financial burdens associated with being a transplant recipient. The gift of an organ is an ultimate gift to be cherished and contributes to a thriving life. However, post care can cause an undue financial burden to the transplant recipient. Based on that, The Transplant Coin offers a unique way of sharing the responsibility and assisting in eliminating that financial burden. The Transplant Coin is vested in each organ transplant by enhancing the lifetime experience.

The Transplant Coin Roadmap

  • Quarter 1

  • 10,000 Telegram Members
    10,000 Twitter Followers
    10,000 Instagram Followers
    Build Mod & Admin Team
    $500,000 Market Cap
    Liquidity Locked
    Full Audit
  • Quarter 2

  • 25,000 Telegram Members
    25,000 Twitter Followers
    25,000 Instagram Followers
    Launch Airdrop Program
    Increase Marketing
    Coin Gecko Application
    Coin Market Cap Application
    $5,000,000 Market Cap
  • Quarter 3

  • 50,000 Telegram Members
    50,000 Twitter Followers
    50,000 Instagram Followers
    First CEX Listing
    First XT Listing
    Listing on Binance
    Listing on KuCoin
    $25,000,000 Market Cap
  • Quarter 4

  • 100,000 Telegram Members
    100.000 Twitter Followers
    Additional Exchanges Listings


30 Days Growth:
10 331
30 Days Growth:

7 734 528

The Transplant Coin Last News

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