The Mood Octopus

The Mood Octopus

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Mood Octopus NFT Collection.
The Mood Octopus NFT is a collection of 5,000 animated hand-drawn NFTs waiting to splash into the Seaverse!
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About The Mood Octopus

At Mood Octopus, our vision is to create both short and long-term value for our holders through both physical and virtual benefits. With the staking of our ERC-20 tokens and the possibility to purchase a Reef in our Seaverse, your Octopus will join the Consortium and unlock massive benefits. Among them, the OctoBox will provide consistent value disbursement in form of NFT giveaways and many more.

The Mood Octopus Roadmap

  • Octopus Launch

  • • Octopi are ready to meet their owners.
    • We will host a private sale at the price of 0.059 ETH for the ones who made it to our Sealist, up to 2 per wallet.
    • After 12 hours, the rest of the supply will be available to the public for 0.07 ETH, up to 3 per wallet.
  • Octopus Vault

  • • 15% of mint proceeds will go into the Octopus Vault for reinvestment and community benefits, NFT giveaways
    • We will deploy a full-scale marketing campaign and welcome new members to the team
    • Project development
    • Holders’ Alpha community development
  • Octopus Box

  • • You will be able to stake your Octopus to receive a weekly OctoBox
    • Free NFTS
    • WL spots
    • Tokens (After OctoSea is minted out)
  • Seaverse

  • • OctoSea set to launch
    • All Holders will be able to stake their tokens in the OctoSea for rewards.
    • Join the Consortium by owning a Reef
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  • Octopus Merch

  • • OctoMerch is a collection of Octo-themed physical fashion line that is exclusively available to holders of Mood Octopus. It will be bought using Octokens


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