The Fumetzu Koin

The Fumetzu Koin

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Fumetzu is a derivative of the Japanese word Fumetsu – meaning “Immortal or Indestructible”
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About The Fumetzu Koin

Our Mission:

"To replace traditional divided fiats with the universal Fumetzu."


  • FUM is a decentralized EIP-20 Standard Token that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain. 
  • Our mission is to replace traditional divided fiats with the universal Fumetzu. 


  • GOAL #1
    FUM was created as a next generation crypto asset designed for longevity. We envision a universally accepted and decentralized currency that not only reaches Mars, but follows mankind everywhere on our interstellar journey – with hopes to one day be the representative currency of The Human Race. With the initial supply of FUM being $F256 Trillion, we are allowing for individuals to hold millions or even billions of the currency, allowing for FuMillionaires and FuBillionaires to be made.


  • GOAL #2
    We also envision a completely decentralized currency that allows you to take hold of your financial future, with retirement and the Fumetzu Economy at the forefront of our minds. Individuals that hold FUM over time will gain even more FUM through APY earnings, plateauing at around 25 years hold-time. This is designed to not only encourage investors to hold their FUM, but to remove the necessity for IRAs and 401Ks under traditional fiat driven institutions completely. This will ultimately take the stress away from investors trying to build a retirement fund, putting all potential earnings into the investors pocket alone. No longer will individuals need a formal retirement plan for their future. The current APY Earnings Chart under review can be found here.


FUM is NOT a security -

Our goals are centered around the success and longevity of FUM itself, not its profits or price point. Our methods of distribution will never be driven or motivated by FUMs price, but rather its value to mankind and what we think is best to get FUM decentralized from its founders. 

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