The All Seeing Lemon

The All Seeing Lemon

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
A collection of 10k All Seeing, All Knowing Lemons commandeering the internet, your thoughts, your very existence.
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About The All Seeing Lemon

THE ALL SEEING LEMON is the first and only generative stop-motion, mixed-media NFT collection using silicone casts of organic objects. Inspired by pop culture nostalgia and cult classics, the LEMONs live in a psychedelic fever dream of color, memory, and illusion. They know all and see all - past, present, and future. 

THE ALL SEEING LEMON began as a character in Sam Barnett's stop-motion animated short films. Producer Emily Rupp loved it immediately and saw the potential for an incredible NFT collection. She brought veteran developer James Kessler on-board, and all three worked together as a team to generate a wild and unique collection of animated LEMON creatures. 

Most of our ingredients are hand-made by Sam in his basement silicone factory. He starts with a silicone cast of a real lemon, and adds accessories pulled from classic movies and music, all sourced locally here on earth. 

Each iteration of THE ALL SEEING LEMON is organically generated by our artisinal code, blending colors with smoke, florals, blood, tears, mind control devices, and soft knits fabrics.

The All Seeing Lemon Roadmap

  • ?% make series

  • if we make enough from secondary sales, we plan to make THE ALL SEEING LEMON stop motion animated series.
  • 1000% the future

  • THE ALL SEEING LEMONs become sentient and their physical manifestations join your family IRL, providing you with the immeasurable benefits of a personal omniscient citrus.


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