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Feb 8, 2020
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About Tetra

We have built 
tetra for the future.



TETRA is a digital resource that is born thanks to the blockchain technology since it is the way in which decentralized money exists as one of the most innovative developments until today and thus the process of valorization of projects, the end of this cryptocurrency is to serve as a digital resource and exchange within our present and future products as well as in any decentralized exchange which will serve as an exchange for other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, among others and even for the fiduciary currency, additional to you to you back to office which will be open trade for members of the community in general.


Tokenization Benefits

We have the technique, human resources and management to develop the project.

We can develop company strategies, open innovation or crowd economy, redirect our capabilities, management needs and project type.

With a hidden database, information and information, immediate transactions, speed, scalability, adaptability to the Eco-Logic algorithm.

GLOGAL COMMUNITY The Tetra Community


It is fundamental to start, that TETRA is a whole project, with a serious and concrete analysis of its desirability and sustainability, or better yet, to see that TETRA is sustainable thanks to a study that wishes to the clients, the people, and from there , from Zero, show that our offer is credible and attractive. The key point of the whole project, product or service is not our capabilities, our resources or our knowledge, the satisfaction of the clients, they are the people like you that now make up the community.

cryptocurrency builder

Tetra offers the possibility of building your own cryptocurrency. Information, adaptability and excellent scalability as a future.


When we launch our new project in the market, we tend to be thinking about benefits, forecasts and future campaigns. But before arriving at this, we had to carry out a previous work of design, conceptualization, construction and validation of the project.


30 Days Growth:

Tetra Team

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Andres Palacio
Nelson Salazar
Michael Quintero
Marcela Ramos
International Media
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