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Tetherino was originally created as a parody of a famous stablecoin, as a symbol of the many controversies surrounding
the space. Backed by "commercial toilet paper" (wich is simply toilet paper with a Tetherino logo), it originally poked fun at the serious issue of stablecoin backing, and the lack of transparency and accountability in the space.

Tetherino is redeemable for its "reserves" - meaning that any TTR holder can "redeem" its tokens (buy "commercial toilet
paper" on tetherino.io) - again a way to poke fun at stablecoin issuers who never made good on their promise to establish a proper way to redeem their tokens for actual cash. Originally, the token traded only on PancakeSwap, a cheap and
convenient way to create and "list" a token so that anybody can join.

As Tetherino’s popularity grew among crypto critics and activists alike, the team behind the meme cryptocurrency
invested ever more time into the project, which in turn fostered ever more awareness and creativity around the
project. By listing TTR tokens on established exchanges, the team made a big step towards more widespread acceptance
and liquidity, accessing a global pool of capital to finance its online presence.

Tetherino’s purpose is to foster artistic creativity and incentivize the production of cryptocultural content. By creating a framework for content distribution, properly measuring the reach of each piece of work, and using the TTR tokens to establish a prize pool for writers and digital artists, Tetherino creates a fair and open ecosystem for everyone to
contribute to the growing heritage of crypto. 

Tetherino focuses on current events and promotes socially popular forms of communication, i.e. memes and satirical
posts. Its identity is that of the crypto Jester, the only character that’s allowed to speak truth to power, albeit in an
entertaining way.

Tetherino’s mission is to finance the work of artists and writers who contribute to the rise of cryptoculture. This is
achieved by creating new channels for distributing artistic content, and measuring the reach of each piece of artwork or
satirical content.

Tetherino offers to digital artists and writers a never-ending "Meme Challenge", where creators submit their work through
tetherino.io, and after manual validation, their work is distributed through official Tetherino accounts on social
media, thus accurately measuring their actual reach. Then, a weekly grant of TTR tokens is distributed to creators taking
part in the Meme Challenge, based on the social reach of their work.


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