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TeslaPower: A simplified user oriented tokenized energy production a distribution platform
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Sep 1, 2018
Sep 30, 2018
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About TeslaPower

TeslaPower is a blockchain-based platform that connects energy developers, consumers, and investors through a global, decentralized network that allows the next generation of renewable energy assets to be funded and launched. TeslaPower runs on the Ethereum blockchain with a native protocol token called XWH; All transactions on TeslaPower network are executed in CryptoWattHour (XWH), making it the main tool to trade, store and acquire renewable energy, without the need for an intermediary or a trusted third party.

TeslaPower will provide a simple GUI (Graphic User Interface) for the main platforms so participants can manage their account with simplicity. One XWH represents one WattHour of deliverable energy output generated and distributed on TeslaPower platform. Conceptually, TeslaPower is a blockchain-based solution for a cost effective and network incentive-based structure to help shift from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewable energy infrastructure. TeslaPower main goal is to give people access to a sustainable energy production indiscriminately from the location, maintaining low prices and full transparency


Taking advantage of blockchain technology, TeslaPower platform is a secure and transparent green energy producer.
TeslaPower infrastructure is based on small and decentralized energy nodes distributed all over the world and managed by a DAPP (decentralized app).
The more we evolve the more we need energy. Our goal is not only to provide it, but also to do it in the right way.Since TeslaPower production is based on small and decentralized energy nodes, we will be able to provide electricity to the remotest places.
eslaPower uses CryptoWattHour (XWH) as currency to execute any type of transaction, 1 XWH is equal to 1 Wh of deliverable energy output generated and distributed on TeslaPower platform.
Since CryptoWattHour (XWH) represents electric energy, it needs to be stable so people can integrate TeslaPower services in their business plan. So smart contracts will manage the total amount of CryptoWattHour burning them from the reserve or generating new ones.
XWH holders can invest their tokens in building more nodes and earn proportionally to the amount invested forever until TeslaPower exists.



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